They grow so fast, don't they?

11 days ago, I put 12 Steem OG seeds into these 4 pots. (I promise this is not a math lesson!) Tonight I've got 6 healthy seedlings. This hybrid cannabis strain is fun to grow, and I'm hoping I've got a couple real winners here. By Christmas this little indoor garden will feature a couple large stinky trees!

First I'll show the 4 pots as they were last night:

And now the same 4 pots as they are tonight:

Aside from another 24 hours of growth, you'll notice I've removed the 5 smallest seedlings. These runts weren't showing the proper formation or quick growth I like to see.

That's one benefit of planting more seeds than you intend to grow out... you can thin the less desirable plants. Some growers would gasp at the idea of killing small plants simply because they aren't perfect, but when you have enough seeds to do it, why not? As far as we know, plants have no consciousness and can't feel pain or suffering. And the other consideration for some people is cost, but I grew all these seeds myself, and can do so again. Some growers pay $10 a seed (and up) for good genetics, and that's justifiable. But they can also be produced for the cost of some dirt and your time.

Stay tuned to the DRutter channel to see the remaining 6 Steem OG seedlings compete for the 4 semi-final positions : )

Grow in peace.

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