Growing Steem OG cannabis on the Hive blockchain

This is a Steem OG seedling. Steem OG is an F1 hybrid cannabis strain created by @jonyoudyer. It has a real mix of genetics, including:

  • Hindu kush
  • Afghani
  • Cali orange
  • skunk
  • cheese
  • Colombian gold

A dank selection of classic cultivars - Yum!

NOTE: Some people are confused by the strain's name. In accordance with established norms in plant biology, Steem OG wasn't renamed when most of the cannabis blockchain community forked to Hive in early 2020. Calling it by its proper name is not a sign of allegiance to any particular platform or group. The strain is Steem OG so that's what we call it!

I've got 4 pots in my little indoor garden, each with 3 feminized seeds. Here's the progress after 5 days:

Each pot will be simplified to 1 seedling each (the healthiest and the best phenotypes). Then I'll select the best 2 plants to flower out into massive Christmas trees! All right here on the blockchain. Stay tuned : ))

And grow in peace.

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