A new round of Steem OG begins! Doing things a little differently this time...

This is my 3rd time growing the "Steem OG" strain, a hybrid of hybrids developed by this community before the Hive blockchain came along. And I'm going to be doing it a little differently, at least at the start...

Looks pretty normal so far, right? Nice and clean, low lighting, new soil. Pretty standard for a new crop.

But wait...

I decided to plant 3 seeds in each pot. I expect either 2 or 3 to sprout, and of those, approximately 2 will become healthy young seedlings within about 10 days. Then I can remove the weakest from each pot, and have 4 really strong little plants.

They're already in their adult pots. I can do this because I'm only doing 4 (the max in this little garden). And the reason I can do only 4 is because these are feminized seeds. Hopefully, anyway! I made them myself last year, using a hermaphroditic Steem OG plant.

So in theory, most or all of these seeds are female. That helps with the calculations!

A few days later, we have germination!

2 of the pots have 2 up, and the other 2 have 3 up.

This little sprout is already photosynthesizing, and starting to grow her first real leaf node (barely visible between the cotyledons). As a gardener, it's always a joy to see that green colour.

The Plan

Once I've got the 4 best possible plants, all female, I'm going to cut that down to just 2 when they reach full size (flowering). Normally I do about 4-6 plants in this little spot, but I'm going to do 2 this time, and hopefully let them get a bit bigger. Not taller, but wider. I will accomplish that with careful and intensive topping.

By Christmas I want 2 nice big trees for decorating! Or at least, for some really gorgeous photography.

Make sure you stay tuned to watch these Steem OGs go from seeds to plants to flowers, 200% organically - nothing but air, light, water, and organic soil!

Grow in peace.

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