DreamOn's GrowLog [Soil Preparation + Sowing in the Ground]

While my plants grow and strengthen, it's time to tell you about how I prepared the soil in the places where I'm going to transplant them.
They will grow on the southern slope, so that they don't catch the eye of people passing by on the road.


I've already grown several outdoors here, so I'm confident in this location. Besides, it's outside my property, which eliminates legal problems.
Stump from last year's bush:


To start, I prepared a place for "self-seeding".


This will be another experiment, the results of which I'm going to share with you here.
My friend, a breeder, gave me a handful of seeds. He says he obtained them in a grow room by crossing top strains of sativa and indica. He named his strain "Day Dreamer". let's see what kind of breeder it turned out him))


A light rain successfully drizzled, and after the winter the soil had not yet had time to dry properly


After consulting with him, we decided to sprinkle the seeds directly into the soil all together in one spot. Then, once they sprout and show their sex, we'll thin out the weak and male plants.


I got these seeds for free, so by fall, getting a harvest with at least 25% of the plants sprouted will be considered a success for me! Such garden bed from the outside will look like it's grow wild."

Before transplanting the purchased plants, I needed to level the soil on the slope to retain natural moisture and fertilize it with organic fertilizers. Since last fall, I've been spreading bird droppings mixed with straw, which remained after cleaning the chicken coop.


Throughout the winter, I regularly sprinkled the slope with ash, which remained from the home heating stove.
And this spring, when I was preparing the areas, I added a bucket of cow manure there.
This should be enough for active growth, and for flowering, I will prepare liquid fertilizers.


If I they appear spare coins, I see the point in buying a few more auto-flowering seeds.
Because last year's harvest is already gone, and my wax won't last long either. Therefore, I would like to have a ready-to-use, high-quality ripe product by mid-to-late summer


also, while I was digging the damp earth, I broke my shovel...


Wishing everyone bright warm sunshine and huge, juicy cannabis buds!

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