September 4th and we have some new babies


Back at it


I finally got my tent all set up again and the seeds I had started germinating a few days ago all sprouted today. This new germination method of soaking the seeds for at least 24 hours and then putting them directly into their final home has worked wonders. I don't think I will ever go back to the paper towel method because this is so much easier and has worked almost 100% of the time.


If the "skin" on this one doesn't come off in the next couple hours, I may grab some tweezers and give her a hand to help her spread open. I just have to be extra careful when I do because too much pressure will uproot her pretty easily, so you need to be super cautious when touching them this early.


This one looks like it could be the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Man, that was such an awesome movie. I think I am gonna watch it later tonight. Getting stoned and watching musicals is so much fun. These first three plants are all Red Poison. I am looking forward to seeing how these turn out. They are a beautiful pink color during flower.


This lady here is Bubblegum. This strain is one of my top strains I have ever had. It offers a really nice pain relief and is super relaxing. You just gotta be careful not to overdo it with this one because it can give you some serious couch lock.


Here is my nutrient line up for this grow. I will be starting off with some kelp nutrients during the seedling phase and then I will be adding the Grow Big from Fox Farm during its short vegetative stage and then introducing the two flowering nutrients during the last 6 weeks or so before harvest. The Red Poison has a pretty short life span of only 8-9 weeks, so I will be introducing the different nutrients at earlier stages for those plants.

My soil is a mixture of the Ocean Forest and Happy Frog by Fox Farm. I have always had great success with these soils, so I am going to continue to use them. The hydroponic store where I got my soils and nutrients also sells a product called Terpinator. It is supposed to increase terpenes, which increases aromas, improve taste and could even increase potency. I am going to give it a try the next time I head out that way to pick some stuff up. If anyone has used Terpinator, let me know how it worked for you. I have read that you want to use about half of the recommended dose to reduce the risk of nutrient burn.

I am looking forward to this grow. This one is more of a fun grow just to get some cool looking buds, but also to replenish my Bubblegum stash cause I am running pretty low on it and it is such a great strain for what I need.

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