Feeding day


Super Healthy


My plants are doing great. They are 12 days old and getting ready to shoot up size. For their feeding today, I mixed 5ml of Grow Big by Fox Farm and 15ml of Kelp Me Kelp You by Bushdoctor.


Seaweed is a superfood for plants, but kelp is one of the best sources of seaweed for cannabis. One of the great benefits of using seaweed with your cannabis is that it can help regulate the PH level of the soil, along with helping to create healthy roots that absorb more nutrients into the plant.


These ladies are still pretty short and have not stretched much, which is a good thing in the early stages because if they stretch too much, their stem can become too long and topple over because of the weight. One thing I have learned over my grows is that adjusting the lighting during the early stages is crucial to proper growth. The seedlings seek out light, so if they are stretching too much, your lights are most likely too far away or the power output is too low.

My bubblegum here is the shortest out of all the plants in the tent right now, and I think I remember this being a short bushy strain, like most indicas. It will be cool to see the difference in growth between the bubblegum and the red poison that the other plants are.


Over this next week, these plants are going to double or triple in size. The red poison should begin showing signs of flowering in the next 3 weeks and bubble gum should be starting the flower cycle pretty soon after. It is crazy how fast these autos move through their different life cycles.

I am looking forward to getting the granddaddy purple seeds in the mail and beginning a regular grow. I am excited to see how much of a difference it is growing regulars versus the autos I have been growing. I am expecting the plant to get pretty large in the tent, and I am probably not going to have a lot of extra room in there if I have a couple in there growing. It will be weird to have the same plant in the tent for 4-5 months because most of my autos have been right around 3 months from seed to harvest.


I raised my lights a little bit to encourage some stretching for the next week. I can't wait to see what they look like in a week. This is going to be a fun grow.

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