Delta-10 THC : What you need to know


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The cannabis world is accelerating at high speeds. It is something that is nearly impossible to keep up with. New information sprouts all of the time and it is up to ourselves to absorb this info.

You may have heard about the recent Delta-8 THC craze. People found out that the popular Delta-9 THC that is federally illegal has some closely related relatives which are legal. In comes another family member, Delta-10 THC. It is difficult to differentiate the difference betweem Detla-8, 9, and 10.

Delta-10 is still a fuzzy topic, there is not a ton of info about it yet. So far we know that it is a cannabinoid that interacts with the CB1 receptor, causing psychoactive affects. Delta-10 bonds to the tenth carbon chain, which is what mainly differentiates it from Delta-9 and 8.

Read this for a deeper scientific explanation as to what Delta-10 THC actually is.

If you have never heard of Delta-10 before, here are a few important things about it that you need to know.


1. How was was Delta-10 THC discovered?

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how the discovery was made. During recent wildfires in California, fire retardants were dropped on much of the land. Rumor has it, this affected outdoor grown cannabis in a big way. A new company named Fusion Farms bought a large amount of cannabis that had been altered since it was grown outdoors during this time period. When they made the purchase, they didn't even know it was abnormal. Eventually they discovered that a new type of crystal had began to form and this encouraged Fusion Farms to have lots of testing done. After a lot of uncertain moments, Delta-10 THC was the conclusion. The next step was to find a way to reverse engineer this phenomena that is Delta-10, without using harmful chemicals.

More info about the origins of Delta-10.


2. Is Delta-10 legal?

It is legal in 38 states. Federally it is legal as long as it is produced from hemp instead of marijuana. Although science doesn’t see a difference between the terms hemp and marijuana, the law does. Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis.

More info about the legality of Delta-10.


3. What is the difference between Delta-8, 9, and 10?

It looks like they are more similar than most may initially realize. Only a few real differences have been pointed out so far, mainly the legal aspect. Delta-9 is the typical THC high most have heard of and sometimes brings an anxious feeling with it. Delta-8 is said to be similar, except without the anxiety and more like an indica high. While Delta-10 also takes the anxiety out of the picture, but is more akin to a sative high. There isn't enough research to prove if all of this is exact. One thing is for certain, all three can get you high.
More info about the differences between of Delta-8 and 9.



4. What ways can you use Delta-10?

Gummies, vape cartridges, oil tinctures, capsules, creams and more. You can find Delta-10 in pretty much every form that you are used to finding cannabis available in. There are not that many companies creating Delta-10 products yet. The process is not yet as streamlined as more popular forms of THC since things are still new to canna community. This also means that prices may be higher if demand out paces the production of the Delta-10 proucts.


5. How much Delta-10 do you need?

It depends, your size and experience factor in a lot. You can go for a low, mild, or intense feeling from Delta-10. Someone who is 100 lbs will have a totally different dosage than a person who is 250 lbs. 5mg all the way to 50mg and up could be found to be an enjoyable dose. Remember to start slow and gradually work your way up.

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