Joining Canna-curate Curation Trail

Image is a mock up I created

When I started this account I had the intention of doing 100% manual curation. Though I love to curate I am not using my account as effectively as I can with just manual curation. So I have decided to try a curation trail.

Canna-curate is the first trail I am trying. I may try another at some point in the future but I need to see how this goes. If I do choose another trail it will be a quality trail that does manual curation.

For me being able to automate some of my upvotes will allow me to upvote more content. I suffer form some chronic illnesses and sometimes I am simply not well enough to accomplish everything I want to.

I will still be manually curating. I see the trails as a supplement , not a replacement for me. I am writing this post simply to communicate. I like to tell the community what I am up to.

I will be writing a few more posts about "account sustainability" that will detail some of my plans to grow this account and continue to do giveaways without me needing to put fresh/out of pocket funds into it all the time like I have been. This is a good thing!

Thanks for reading. More updates soon.