How I plan to use this account phase 1


These are my thoughts and intentions for this account, however keep in mind things may and likely will change.

Phase 1 or the beginning is where I'm at now (obviously). I will stay in phase 1 until I have several hundred Hive power (420 maybe) then I can start branching out a bit.

In phase 1 I will be upvoting in the Weedcash network only. I created this account to do more curation and I am starting here because this is where I started on Hive 3 months ago. This is also strategic as I am still building up my Hive/Weed power and I simply can't do a lot of curation right now, so I need to be choosy.

I am going a step further in that once the Hashkings game launches I will be doing 75%+ of my curation on Hashkings posts that are also using the weedcash tag. This gives me a targeted area to do curation with my limited resources. I will be posting my game progress on my main account @cryptounicorn420 if you are interested.

As I power up, I will branch out by upvoting more general Weedcash posts, and then in phase 2 once I have more "power" I will start upvoting in other communities such as Hive Hustlers and Music For Life to start with.

I will also use all earnings at this time to power up. I will reblog posts that I upvoted randomly. At first I kind of wanted to reblog all, but that will congest my feed too much.

Please don't be offended if I don't upvote or reblog you. I will do my best to upvote as much as possible but I have limited resources and will be upvoting strategically.

I also plan to test commenting with cute images like the one in this post. They will have a variety of phrases, etc and could be a good way to engage in dialogue. I will do this sporadically and see how people like it (or dislike it). Personally I'd love to see unicorn images in comments on my posts, but I am a bit biased :)

That's it for now.

Thanks for reading.

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