Hashkings Giveaway! Win 420 BUDS tokens


Disclaimer: This is not an official or sponsored giveaway. I am not a member of the Hashkings team. I am doing this giveaway voluntarily with my own assets.

It's giveaway time! Here's how it will work. I am giving away 420 BUDS tokens to a randomly selected winner. The winner will be chosen by wheelofnames.com random draw. Since Hashkings is still in Alpha, if there is a problem with me harvesting BUDS the alternate prize will be WEED tokens.

The deadline to enter is April 30th at midnight- New York time. Entries after this point will not be counted.

To enter simply leave a comment. The comment can be anything as long as it's from a human (please try to keep it clean though lol) One entry per account.

The winner will be chosen within 3 days of the deadline . The winner will be notified in an upcoming post.

Upvotes and re-blogs are appreciated but not required.

If you are interested in more info about the game please go to hashkings.app

Good luck :)


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