Who wants to be a Guinea Pig? (HKWATER Giveaway)

Image is of our piggies. Of course that's a unicorn chew toy šŸ¦„

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or official Hashkings giveaway. I am doing this giveaway voluntarily with my own assets.

I have been doing giveaways on my curation account @curatingunicorn but I wanted to do one here. It's a little different and a bit of a social experiment. Let's be Guinea pigs. SQUEAK ! SQUEAK !

First I will get into the giveaway/ how to enter etc. Below this I will post the social experiment attached to this giveaway. This post may be long so if you just want to participate in the giveaway you don't have to read the second section.

Giveaway info:

The prize: 420 HKWATER to one lucky winner. Winner will be chosen randomly using wheelofnames.com Winner will receive their prize within 3 days of the deadline

The deadline to enter is May 24th 12 am New York time. entries after this date will not be counted.

One entry per account .

To enter simply leave a comment .The comment can be anything(please keep it civil) or simply type "contest"

Upvotes and shares are welcome and encouraged but not required. Winner will be announced in a follow-up post.

The Experiment

Now for the "experiment" part. Right now in the game Hashkings there is a serious water shortage. there are many reasons why. One of the reasons is bad faith actors who are working together to keep the price of HKWATER high. I won't get into too many details here but please know there are things being done to combat this.

I myself am trying to combat this by providing water for myself and others outside of the market. But ever since HK changed seed distribution, my earnings have greatly decreased (by like 80%) I am not able to upgrade my own water towers using my earnings at a rate that will make much of a difference right now. At a cost of $1 per upgrade per level, that adds up quickly.

My experimental solution

I will use 100% of the liquid Hive I receive from the upvotes on this post (and future HKWATER giveaway posts) to ether upgrade my existing water towers or buy towers from the market. This will help me provide water to people that need it (and do more giveaways) without them needing to over pay for water on the market. I am only one person but I have a lot of towers and I know I can make a difference even if it's just for one person. I just want to state again that upvotes are not required to win the giveaway. Upvotes are completely voluntary. I am simply telling you this to be transparent about my intentions.

I can do giveaways like this regularly (though likely that will be on my curation account) and the more support I get on the posts the more HKWATER I can produce. It's a win-win.

Spoiler alert: I will be using Ecency points to boost this post to ensure I can upgrade at least 1 tower from earnings :)

If you like this concept please consider re-blogging. I am a small account and don't have much reach (but am grateful for all who me -you are all awesome)

Thanks for reading Good luck winning the giveaway :)


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