Hashkings update and my new curation account


Image courtesy of Hashkings

There has not been a definitive launch date announced yet but I hope and Dan himself has stated that it will hopefully launch at the end of this week. It's been a lot of waiting and uncertainty lately but that's typical in new launches. It's a bit frustrating on the user end but also the same for the developers/ team. I am glad the team is always available in Discord to answer questions and updates etc. I just want to start playing :)

Those of us who participated in the pre-sale will receive some bonuses like avatars BUDS token and water for crops which will help gameplay.

My strategy in general is to stake close to 75% of the buds I earn for MOTA and then seeds. I will save about 25% of the buds for things like crafting joints to level up. My exact strategy may and likely will change once I see how it all plays out. For instance MOTA can also be used to upgrade water towers at a discounted rate compared to Hive price, so I may end up spending some MOTA as well. I will determine what I do there once I see data on how much seeds cost in resources to produce and how much they yield in profit. My play strategy will adapt to the market.
Changing subject to my second curation account. I will mostly use the account @curatingunicorn to upvote YOUR Weedcash/ Hashkings posts. If you want more info on my intentions with this account Click here FMI. I will still be curating on my main account but this second account will allow me to focus on curation as the main function of the account.

Thanks for reading.

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