Hashkings Launch in less than 2 hours.


Hashkings is launching in just under two hours. the long awaited game will be here soon.

I am happy to report that there has been an improvement in communication and the team has been working very hard. I can imagine they are beyond stoked at the launch.

Unfortunately I am not feeling well. i am in the middle of a flare up and the brain fog makes typing and thinking in general difficult. Despite this I wanted to make a post congratulating the team on a job well done and let you all know it's launching soon. I will post more later.

I look forward to playing and trying different strategies.

Also, I will likely do a giveaway soon on my curation account @curatingunicorn. As soon as I am feeling better i will host a giveaway. Maybe BUDS tokens or something.

Anyhoo, I will write more later. Thanks for reading


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