Purple punch

Hello everyone. This is a couple nugs I grew in soil organically. I grew it 61 days from 12-12 flip. I took a few pictures. I have platinum sunset sherbet Dosidos gorilla glue and overflow. I was thinking about taking a few pictures and posting original content here for all my buddies on the block chain. I’ll probably do some different ones on Instagram too @noahtheegrowa If anyone wants to check it out. I do a grow show with a bunch of other growers on YouTube live every Sunday four Pacific to six Pacific. I just got into a major car wreck and I’m very sore and I haven’t posted about anything but cannabis in a long time but I might post a couple pictures of the car to show the wreck. Well I hope everyone digs this picture and if you have any questions about growing cannabis or any questions at all feel free to ask him in the chat and I will answer as Well as I can. Happy growing

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