This weekend's reup. Cabbag e pak kids aka Cabbage Patch Kids


It looks like it says "cabbag e pak kids" but I swear it says "cabbage patch kids". A tasty sativa dom hybrid with a nice mix of fruity and earthy flavor. Originally bred from Cherry Pie x Durban Poison genes, this flower is a good choice for an anxious introvert looking for a relaxing medication for their next party or gathering or someone looking for some help from cannabis for their depression.

The dominate terpene in Cabbage Patch Kids is Myrcene (its earthiness) which is suppose to have a "chill" or "chill sedative" effect. It's other terpenes are Limonene (its fruitiness) and Caryophyllene. Limonene is thought to be stress and anxiety relieving. Caryophyllen is believed to help with inflammation and pain relief. Some consumers do report that Cabbage Patch Kids helps with their muscle pains.

As always go see your doctor if you have any serious conditions. Cannabis is wonderful but is not a snake oil and shouldn't be considered one. Same with CBD products in general, people are trying to sell those like they sold tonics in the wild west.


Cabbage Patch Kids has less reports of anxiety from consumers according to Leafly, just 8% and in general is reported as a euphoric and energetic strain. Personally I enjoy it before spray painting and as a wake and bake. This is a good strain to pick if you enjoy wake and baking but do not drink coffee/caffeine.

If you are looking for a strain that does not or rarely causes anxiety or paranoia, look for Jilly Bean, its a Northern California strain bred to help people with PTSD. It's one of the most euphoric and chill while not being sedative strains I have ever tasted.


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