Wax liquidizer CBD recipe/ Wax wallet NFTs series name and final design.


I got my CBD wax from https://www.phytoextractum.com/cbd This is a website I frequent for their higher quality botanicals (like Kratom). CBD concentrates are just one more of the Plant’s & teas tonics and oils offered by phytoextractum.com. I am in talks with them for a advertising opportunity with them but for now can just show the products I get and include their name brand. For now anyway they are not paying me but I really don't need them to bribe me for a positive review.

I use their products frequently like the price and speed of delivery. They even offer live Kratom plants and with the speed of delivery Its not the worst idea to get a Kratom plant.

Today I am focusing on the CBD wax as Well as the return of my products from my favorite liquidizer company https://www.waxliquidizer.com/shop.html. The first company to throw caution to the wind and take a chance by letting me feature their products. waxliquidizer.com is the only liquidizer I used before they gave me the go ahead to feature and review their products.

I have personally been trying to vape through all of the other cartridges I made 6 months and 30 ml later πŸ™ƒ. I am finally running out so I am assuming that this will not be the only recipe.

I Decided a long time ago that I personally would make this type of concentrate myself. Because I am paranoid about what companies are putting into Cannabis Vape cartridges. I make my own THC or in this case CBD vaping fluid for personal use.

So let's begin the recipe

Tools needed: liquidizer a warm surface (like a candle warmer) a and a pipette or eye dropper a vaping system or (rig)


Waxliquidizer Banana OG 🍌 flavor

CBD Wax (Odd flavor)

this is aperently the type of CBD Wax without terpines added back into the final product. I have personally never dabbed anything like this before. I am not saying It tastes bad it's smooth to dab it just not a noticeable flavor that you can tie to cannabis. Ill try some of these terps from waxliquidizer.com

First measure

I'm going for a 1-1 ratio im a .5 ml to .5 g micro batch

Add them together and place on warmer stirring occasionally for 30 min

Mix until the consistency shown in image let cool then vape life

NFTs Final draft

I am sorry if I sound repetitive bringing this topic up every day but I have decided on a uniform design, done from scratch and I have come up with a collection name. As well as a emblem a important aspect to the NFT market brand recognition.

I am not saying that I am marketing a Business but creative content kind of like art. Since I went with the card design I figured I'd at least do a basic back to the Cards and add a Universal image on the cards like a logo.
for what ever reason their name has to be exactly 12 characters, CannabisCard is probably the name of the series if searching for it when launched but ill include more up to date info soon.


Legally it's not a logo but realistically we all no I'm Not a legal professional, nor am I in the medical field πŸ˜‰.

I am a contractor and that should terrify everyone I smoke far to much weed to build ,hospitals, wineries, gas stations, and houses.

Other than the Logo I am getting enough of the same design cards made up incase the craziest thing happens and they're actually popular enough to sell.

I have 6 so far & I think that Royale Gorilla will be the first production, assuming that I understand the process the base value is directly linked to how many are minted and how much of the initial assets are utilized in minting. This means that the most likely scenario is a extremely limited first minting estimated around $25 in WAX about 200 is divided evenly adjusting for fees. The Royal Gorilla NFTs will likely number fewer than 40 total.

Sold my first splinterlands card for WAX not cannabis Wax, wow I have to work on subject matter. Wax and WAX are very confusing to discuss at the same time. Here's another example of a logo or badge.

Add and other learning issues aside more than likely schedule permitting I should have some NFTs available by Thursday or Friday ( besides the Splinterlands Cards and other great deals πŸ‘ I'm already selling). This is also increasing my account history transactions and assets so my account looks less sus.

I think ill promote my social media or Hive account on the information about the NFT. I have to Talk to some of my sponsors se if they are interested if not, I'm not sure what ill add for info maybe shout out weed cash later on this is a beta.

Ill post further updates on Weed chat https://www.weedcash.org/weedchat/
Until the launch that is in which ill do a special post on my hive account, have a request like a relog and leaving your wax address in the comments.

However if your not keeping up on the updates it might catch you by surprise and it will unfortunately be first come first serve for the free ones ill release.

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