Today's Highdea is brought to you by 3 joints of chocolope


While I am not working this evening I decided to catch up on my social media posts. My application for a couple of useful services for crypto bloggers recently got
Approved. Also as no one im my social circle irl appreciates the market fluctuations. I have smoked 3 joints in less than a hour and I'm no where near as high as Ethereum and bitcoin🤑. My portfolio is making mor than me at $30 an hour 🙃.

Bragging aside for the moment recently I had
Algorand approved my application to become a developer ambassador. This is not the only service that I have been waiting to hear from. The others are not as lucrative options but they are also useful. If you have any experience with software development and coding blockchain based applications. I think that you should check out my other article from today. Or just check it out on their site. But I think that i made a more concise explanation of benefits in my post earlier. I think that they are going to likely be announcing a new grant program. Algorand’s last one just ended in October.


I know that my posts are not always weed related but it should count for something that I am perpetually stomed. These next two are for promoting your content and monetization of your other social media posts.
Cent let's you get people to compete for the best comment on your post with a prize for the best replie

Finally i would like to introduce you to
I found out about this service from one of my sponsor's. They allow you to setup an account that will allow users to tip you in any of their supported cryptocurrency. BTC ETHERIUM LITECOIN BCH & Dash . By pointing the link below your posts or on your page or profile.

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