Stash pass raffle winner(s) 6/20/2022 + WAX NFT giveaways


Stash pass June winner(s), NFT giveaways, The projects connected to this months prizes, I give away 15 free NFTs to lucky readers, & Roller Coin with some updates to cover.

Yes just a few months into the #stashpass project we got raffle winners a plenty thus far on this year long NFT raffle project.

Stash pass

So what is #stashpass, Stash pass is a Weedcash(HIVE) NFT colection of my own design. The marijuana themed NFTs are all tied to a Monthly NFT raffle system. If your the owner of either pass & the chosen 3 NFTs that month you get the grand prize of 3 NFTs or sums of crypto from my personal HIVE stash. Each months prize I shoot for a total prize value of $10 though the more winners there are it gets distributed evenly.
The two passes required to participate start at either 50 WEED or 500 WEED for the VIP pass.

VIP pass owners win for every NFT called they own not counting duplicates. So while the base pass gets you access to the grand prize you need all 3 chosen NFTs to win. With the VIP you get a prize for getting 1 of the 3 chosen NFTs that month, 2 prizes for 2 of 3, & 3 out of 3 full grand prize.

I give 1/2 of all #stashpass NFTs produced away for free the other half get sold starting at 10 WEED. You need either the standard pass or VIP pass to participate.
A standard pass right now at the market value of WEED will cost roughly $0.15 USD a VIP pass will run you 500 WEED roughly $1.50 at current WEED market price.

The more savvy readers may want to consider the VIP pass as you will likely partially win the monthly raffle just by claiming my free #stashpass NFTs 5 given away with each HIVE post.

So #stashpass is like everything I do on HIVE its meant not to turn a profit but give back to HIVE its tribes & users.

Full details on #stashpass raffles
Stash Pass Whitepaper

You can buy or sell Weedcash NFTs like Stash pass here

NFTs get a bad reputation but blockchain is a tool not inherently good or evil, which is my since most view NFTs as a scam I go out of my way & pocket to show people their not evil by nature.

Roller coin

Bit of a revamp in the menu as this P2E mining sim game enters its second year. The little Mining simulation that could this free P2E game not only seems to be standing the test of time but thriving even.
Returning players to roller coin will note a few menu additions with a new inventory screen market on the way & the brand new E pass menu. Its this E pass menu which is the most important update.
For things as simple as logging in daily players can now freely earn in game mining rigs. While only a mining simulator Roller coins mined crypto is all to real.
The rover crab is the in game mining rig players can expect to earn for free just logging in daily.
If you go the extra mile & play minigames for Hash-power for mining you also have a chance of the games dropping prizes like crypto mining rigs or parts to upgrade them.

Roller coin recognizes its their fans that lead to their success so loyalty is rewarded handsomely.
You can mine all these forms of crypto I keep suggesting EOSIO derived assets like WAX, EOS or preferably HIVE. No such luck but they are tokenizing the in game miners unfortunately on ETH or MATIC but soon the in game items will be NFTs you can buy or sell to one another.

There is always the possibility they set up a NFT portal to more user friendly blockchains in the future.

If you would have asked me years ago to say where roller coin would be in a few years, I figured roller coin would have gone out of business by now.

This little P2E title is shipping up to be a real contender something amazing when you consider it started off blockchain as a form of faucet.

Now NFTs are your in game miners items & parts which where originally strictly in game items. A level of complexity mixed with a sense of stability that was at one point lacking with roller coin.

Free to play they give out free in game mining rigs & prizes now want to try roller coin out yourself please consider using my referral.


One of our Raffle prizes today is from my Splinterlands Stash, here is just a glimpse of my last few months with Splinterlands.
I need to get better at recording everything but that's a few months of highlights. To put that in context the Legendary Gold & epic cards alone shown where sold for over $1,300 + dollars.

Now I roll that money back in but I'm lying if I say I'm not profiting, I hear what your thinking this is all well & good but how do you profit with say bear minimum funds.

For starters I got my portfolio start off rewards cards & HIVE publishing both free to you, this was important that this Blockchain stuff paid for itself.

Like the services I mentioned above this crypto faucet below is free & 1 time hourly you can claim 1 of several forms of crypto. This particular faucet awards portions of crypto like HIVE, SPS, STEEM & determines payout based on its USD value.
Why this is important is if they give you $0.005 worth of a cryptocurrency when the market is down. If & when the price of that crypto rallies your earned crypto increases in value.

What this has to do with Splinterlands is you can guess that a few upcoming factors in the game market concerning SPS such as the next new pack selling exclusively for SPS that the SPS price point will likely spike.

So with this faucet you stock up on SPS for free while its cheap & reap the benefits if & when the price spikes.

I am stressing here this isn't financial advice I simply feel utilizing a free faucet this option being preferable as you dont invest your own money. This is important Crypto & NFTs are very volatile the markets fickle & tough to predict its a fools errand.

The moral of this long winded story is some of my first win falls with crypto came from faucets. DOGE for instance I made a killing with as I earned it in faucets while it was cheap.
I used faucets to earn DOGHE when it was valued at $0.003 USD it Spiked to $0.30 when I sold. Given it was 1 100th the value from faucets I accumulated 2,852 DOGE using Coin pot & another faucet that went out of business shocking🙃, giving away $855 isn't a sufficient business model.

What I'm getting at nothing beats free an observant person with the right faucets can make legit money.

I actually spent 1,034 DOGE on a $3 Burrito as my first crypto purchase even at the crashed DOGE current market price of $0.05 that means I spent over $50 in DOGE. So when I say if your broke dont underestimate faucets.

BTC, EOS, SHIB, HIVE, DOGE, SPS, BNB, STEEM, ETH, BCH, & a few others can be claimed at this 1 faucet please check it out if interested via my referral below.

New to the best blockchain game I ever played Splinterlands please consider signing up via my referral below.

It takes $10 to get a Spell book allowing you to own & sell crypto / NFTs in game. I have had a thought on that, you can find on HIVE a front end known as Splintertalk which is HIVEs Splinterlands tribe. Hosts challenges known as Socail media Challenges, Share your battle challenges, & Art contests. Nothing I have read in the rules stipulates the HIVE user has to have a Spell book to participate.

So using your HIVE account participate in 1 or 2 challenges bingo bango free Splinterlands Spellbook.

I already hear the comments typing, but what if you dont have enough HP available to post, first off here is gift giver.
Both a HIVE & HP faucet & they will temporarily delegate 16 HP, if your in the truly rare % where none of this works Ill delegate you 15 HP personally for a week or so allowing you to post. I will say there will be proof so dont try & scam me I'm a contractor by trade your out of your league.

So if you really absolutely cant find another option let me know in the comments & ill see about a temporary HP delegation allowing you to post a Splinterlands Share your battle challenge, social media challenge.
But please try Gift Giver first

There between the 2 faucets the Splinterlands Blogging challenges & my giveaways you got no excuse not to profit off Splinterlands.

For todays #stashpass raffle winners if your called & dont play Splinterlands Ill know. So instead of a Splinterlands Gold card you instead get a Splintertalk NFT which can be bought sold & viewed here.
Look what you miss not playing Splinterlands

Rising Star

This months #stashpass raffle winners get the following Rising Star NFT.
This would be the prize for VIP ticket holders with 2 or more of this months selected Stash Pass NFTs. Its also prize 2 of 3 if your a Grand prize winner with either pass. meaning you own 3 out of 3 selected #stashpass NFTs for this month.
Rising star NFTs ore use in the free to play HIVE P2E game Rising Star. The NFT increases the players stats when equipped or owned in the players wallet.
My second highest earning HIVE play to earn game rising Star its free please check it out via my referral above.

Rising Star has a DHF to bring more users to HIVE that's a tune we can all enjoy so please consider supporting their DHF here.

I have a few helpful marketing tips for @risingstargame staff collaborative advertising with WAX P2E games & NFT collections could be cheap or even free. 3 Great names to pursue would be Crypto Monkeys, Alien Worlds & Galactic 123.

Crypto Monkeys takes NFT design Collaboration suggestions on their Discord. Due to how creatively Crypto Monkey NFTs are distributed a Collaborative Rising Star Crypto Monkey WAX NFT would be advertising potentially earned by playing WAX P2E Alien Worlds or Upland. Given away on Discord events or earned by collection Crypto Monkey NFTs a farming mechanism giving crypto Monkeys NFTs value.

Since you Have Rising Star packs on WAX you could set up Rising Star WAX NFT mining rewards pools Via ownership of alien worlds (WAX) land plots or Galactic 123 Planet (WAX) NFTs.

My invite link:

Galactic 123 does one better by letting you design your own 3d Game world for players to explore on which you can advertise Rising Star or even include a site portal. I already advertise my Rising Star affiliate link on Galactic 123 for free.

All 3 of these services are shockingly popular with WAX NFT collectors, Alien Worlds land plots will run you a few hundred dollars each. Galactic 123 you can advertise for free or get your own custom game world & linked WAX NFT rewards pool for just under $100. You however have to design the game world for your Rising Star galactic 123 planet.

Finally Crypto monkeys is down to monkey around with free project collaborations on WAX it would be a Rising Star designed crypto monkey NFT advertising your game or HIVE. The staff has to agree on discord but I have gotten in touch with them a few times their easy to
work with.

Interested in picking my brain you can try & reach me on the following accounts or the comments on HIVE.

Be advised HIVE comments are by far easiest to contact me I work full time & blog / P2E game the rest of the time which leaves very few hours for social media.

There are 3 WAX music Dapps that would make good colabs for your user made album NFTs. The Intellectual Property rights get a little sticky there which is why I didn't mention them.

Mine craft servers routed through WAX, Uplands Meta Vendors, & so much more I cant even name everything. Since Rising Star is now rudimentarily a WAX NFT colection these highly effective forms of NFT & P2E advertising through WAX are right up your ally.

I simply want to help & my 2 years as a WAX NFT vendor give me a wealth of knowledge which the Rising Star advertising could benefit greatly from.
My apologies to the @risingstargame staff if this was a little forward, in the off chance someone reads this affiliated with the Rising Star game. I am a part of your key demographic when it comes to WAX I know a number of ways to promote Rising Star. In a manner that's cheap effective & since I to want to see HIVE grow, its the least I can do give the Rising Star advertisers leads to follow.

Sorry to everyone else this must be a little jarring above section was meant to benefit the Rising Star Dev team if I can get their attention. I have been playing Rising star just over 2 years & have made just shy of $1,000 USD in revenue doing so. If your new to Rising Star give this
free HIVE P2E a look see via my referral link below.
Also please consider supporting their HIVE DHF its effectively free to you
Any HIVE devs with WAX NFT collections feel free to get ahold of me via the social media below, I may not be able to set up a WAX NFT portal but when it comes to knowledge on WAX NFT collaborative advertising I'm likely one of the most knowledgeable people on HIVE.

Hash Kings

This months #stashpass raffle winners will also receive a Hashkings avatar. This is prize 1 of 3 so VIP ticket holders receive a Hashkings avatar if you own simply 1 of the 3 #stashpass NFT selected this month.

No duplicate entries apply, if you own either pass & have all 3 of 3 #stashpass NFTs selected the avatar is included in the grand prize.

You can equip & use a Hashkings Avatar in the Raids game type you can check out Hashkings a HIVE P2E here.

Not trying to speed run this but this post is getting a little long, if you haven't supported Hashkings HIVE DHF proposal please do so if possible here.

Personally a big fan of Hashkings & your support would help a lot consider it doing me a favor by supporting the Hash Kings DHF.
Its so awesome they used my design for BUDSX its like one of my favorite HIVE alts. I'm not affiliated simply a fan of Hash Kings

Keep in mind I'm in no way affiliated with Hash Kings I just feel like HIVE does best when we help one another.
Ill have to do a post explaining the new Hashkings EXP system which is of great importance, so much so I'm not just going to squeez in clif notes.

For the same reasons I do giveaways the #stashpass project & do informative write ups I want success for everyone on HIVE.

Stash Pass raffle winners

To win this months raffle Stash Pass collectors needed the NFTs shown above with either pass NFT shown below.
So here are the logs of the ownership of each of Junes 3 #stashpass NFTs selected for this months raffle.

Quest potion Tincture
3 VIP pass Holders, 1 Standard pass Holder
5 VIP pass holders, 1 Standard Pass Holder
WEED world
1 VIP holder , 1 Standard Pass Holder

With the Stash Pass NFTs of Some Fire WEED, WEED world, & Distillate potion being this months raffle winning NFTs.

Owners of the Stash Pass VIP pass & these 3 #stashpass NFTs shown above won the following.

5 #stashpass collectors holding the VIP pass had the #stashpas NFT Some Fire WEED. These 5 users have all been sent the following Hashkings avatar shortly after todays manual snapshot.
3 of the #stashpass VIP holders also had the Distillate potion #stashpass NFT.
These 3 VIP pass holders have been sent this rising star NFT as well as the Hashkings avatar shown above.

The Final NFT selected for this months raffle WEED world was owned by 1 VIP pass holder that #stashpass collector has been sent the following Gold Splinterlands NFT.

This user also had the base pass meaning they won 2 grand prizes this month. Which means they where sent a total of 6 Prizes 2 Hashkings Avatars, 2 Rising Star NFTs, & 2 Gold Splinterlands NFTs.

Its not a personal choice that @agog keeps winning my #stashpass raffles. Honestly their my most prolific collector with their #stashpass NFT colection clocking in at 42 #stashpass NFTs. Only account with more #stashpass NFTs is mine & I'm the creator.

Unfortunately the base pass Holders didn't own all 3 #stashpass NFTs this month well @agog but their also a VIP pass holder.
VIP pass holders have the best odds of winning something from the monthly raffle because while its more expensive simply owning 1 of the 3 #stashpass NFTs called that month gets you a prize.
With the cheaper standard pass you have to own 3 out of 3 #stashpass NFTs selected to win the grand prize. You still get the grand prize if you own the VIP pass & own 3 out of 3 #stashpass NFTs selected for that months raffle. VIP pass holders get a portion of the grand prize for each of the 3 #stashpass NFTs owned required to win that month.

1 of each months #stashpass NFTs selected for that months raffle will have been given away for free on my HIVE posts via a giveaway. So owning a VIP #stashpass NFT & participating in my giveaways on each HIVE posts means you will likely win something each month.
VIP passes cost 500 WEED which at current WEED market price is around $1.70 in USD. Then as I said I give 50% of all #stashpass NFTs I mint away for free on every one of my HIVE posts.

So purchase a VIP pass & other Weedcash NFTs such as #stashpass here. You may just be among next months raffle winners.

Details on my #stashpass NFT project

Stash Pass Whitepaper

Prize 1 Recipients

Congrats to this months winners @silver-edge @agog @loonatic @richardcrill & @jonyoudyer. All of these VIP pass holders where sent
@silver-edge @agog @richardcrill where VIP pass Holders which owned 2 of 3 #stashpass NFTs selected this month you have all also been sent.

All 3 NFTs called where only owned by 1 #stashpass collector @agog since you own both passes & had all 3 you where sent 2 of each prize including.

Anyone called that didn't receive their specified NFTs please let me know in the comments.

Agog had both passes & possessed all the called NFTs so they got 2 of each prize every other name called for each should have received 1.

Todays snapshot was done when I got out of work, the prizes sent out shortly after sorry for the delay.

What's Weedcash

One of HIVEs original tribes migrating with Splinterlands & a few other projects from STEEM. Weedcash awards users WEED for posting or interacting with Weedcash content.

There are a myriad of earnings mechanisms for WEED on HIVE my favorite being the Dcity WEED farm NFTs & WEEDM / WEEDMM the mining coins for WEED based off Hive engine.

Weedcash is a place for weedcentric content to be rewarded tell us your trip to the dispensary, all about your grow, or how much you like dro.

Hashkings a HIVE P2E content is more then welcome in Weedcash, so even if you cant smoke you can find ways to join in the fun.

Weedcash is Censorship resistant & social media forums for cannabis culture or business are rare. One that pays its contributors now we are talking something of legend.
I am one of Weedcashes many whitelisted NFT creators Weedcash NFTs get purchased with WEED. Hell a few Weedcash NFT collections even have use cases including my own #stashpass. If anyone is concerned I live in Michigan Cannabis is decriminalized & I'm well within my legal rights to consume it.

Weedcash actually started my HIVE portfolio which has snowballed over the years to over $30,000 in revenue between HIVE & WAX.

From Stoner loner to P2E professional, & NFT vendor I owe this to posting about cannabis then properly investing my blogs revenue.

My High school guidance counselor can suck it!!!
Smoking weed & playing games are In my case at least a good way to prepare for the future.

WAX NFT Giveaways

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

Re-blogs & upvotes definitely appreciated but not required

WAX NFT airdrop URL


Todays airdrop contains NFTs used on the following 3 P2E games

Todays second WAX giveaway if you missed the airdrop first 5 users to comment their WAX address get Splinterlands NFTs.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

How you participate in a #stashpass NFT giveaway is be one of the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass on this post & then Re-blog, gets a #stashpass Weedcash NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs are part of a monthly NFT raffle taking place on the 20th with the #stashpass NFT ownership being used to determine who wins the raffle.

Full Instructions on #stashpass raffles can be found via the URL below

You can view, buy, or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

So the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass & then re-blog this post gets an exclusive limited #stashpass NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.


Congratulations to Junes #stashpass raffle winners 🤑

I have began switching up my #stashpass designs a bit Below are 2 of my most recent. Including the design of the #stashpass NFT being given to the first 5 users to Re-blog this post & comment #stashpass.


You see I'm experimenting with just what I can make into a Weedcash NFT. Those whom haven't made NFTs before HIVE user made NFTs like Weedcash NFTs have dimension & file size restrictions that complicate my designing process.

So I'm still getting a feel for it so to speak, making #stash pass NFTs weekly helps me do that.

Not perfect but the #stashpass colection is mostly about the raffle system, so since I make 2 a week they cant all be winning designs.

The more collectors of #stashpass NFTs I can get the better the prizes will become, As I said before with the raffle system its unlikely I profit at all from #stashpass.

While I may not profit the collection has proven to be one of if not the most popular Weedcash NFT colection. One of the very few HIVE user made NFT collections with its own use case, a monthly raffle.

I appreciate everyone participating in the giveaways or buying #stashpass NFTs.

To those whom dont smoke cannabis or cant the NFTs are not going to give you a contact buzz feel free to buy a Pass & participate with all these lucky stoners winning monthly raffles.

You can find #stashpass NFTs here

The Weedcash NFTs are sold for the tribes HIVE alt WEED you can find it on Hive-Engine, Tribal Dex, Leo Dex, & any other HIVE exchange.

I always try to pay it forward to HIVE & my readers the #stashpass NFTs / Raffle are just another opportunity to do that.

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