October stash pass NFT raffle results + NFT giveaways

We have the winners of the 10/20/2022 #stashpass Weedcash NFT raffle & the prizes won. I have a small section about Dall-E 2 AI generated images & a NFT giveaway chaser.

NFTs for this months raffle

Randomly chosen NFTs for this months #stashpass raffle include:

Owning the VIP pass & 1 of the 3 entitles the owner to a single prize 2 of 3 + VIP pass gets you 2 prizes & 3 out of 3 with either pass gets you the grand prize with 3 out of 3 prizes included.

Own Both Pass NFTs & 3 out of 3 NFTs for this month get double the prizes 6 total!!!

Stash Pass NFT ownership records

Standard Pass NFT entitles users for participation in #stashpass raffles until 5/21/2023. Requiring ownership of all 3 selected #stashpass NFTs that month to win with the Standard pass, but you receive the grand prize if you do win.


VIP pass holders

The very important Pothead Ticket entitles the owner to participate in the monthly #stashpass raffles until 5/21/2023. VIP pass owners simply have to own any of the #stashpass NFTs selected that month to win a prize.


Its a Ganj




Kief King of the Koopa



Participants that own at least 1 of the 3 #stashpass NFTs & the VIP pass include.

Accounts listed above ☝️ should have been sent the following

Participants that own at least 2 of the 3 #stashpass NFTs & the VIP pass include.
Accounts listed above ☝️ should have been sent the following

The following participants owned 3 of 3 #stashpass NFTs & 1 or more Pass NFTs.
The accounts above where sent the following

Congrats to Silver Edge our grand prize winner(s) for this #stashpass raffle, whom also owned both passes so they also receive the following.

Where to use the prizes

Prizes for this raffle correspond to the following P2E HIVE titles

You can buy or sell these particular NFTs here

To clarify I'm not officially affiliated with any of these companies this raffle has been a part of my #stashpass NFT colection, for which I supply the prizes.

Full #stashpass raffle rules

Big thanks for everyone's support of #stashpass, as usual contact me in the comments if there is any trouble regarding prizes.

Dall-E 2

In the interest of including some content with this post, this section has a few images created by the Machine learning (ML) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Dall-E 2.

A site known as Criayon allows users to input suggestions for the AI to generate images.

Its likely you have already heard of Dall-E generated images, Craiyon is so fun I had to put a section in about it.

Who else thinks some of these images could be redesigned as crypto, like draw inspiration from the AI generated images.

The images range from realistic to artistic this is part of what I find fun, how Dall-E 2 interprets prompts.

Your allowed to share the images from Craiyon...

Just accredit Craiyon for their creation with further clarification found in their TOS on the site.

Below is a Game theory video that goes over AI

The Machine Learning ML AI that is utilized in Dall-E 2 is a similar type to the pattern recognition AI used for facial detection software. Complex AI is becoming increasingly important in the modern age & I find any insight into this type of technology fascinating.

Craiyons site interface makes using Dall-E 2 to generate images such as this easy, free, & simple. Check it out yourself at the URL below.

HIVE blockchain games directory

Many may have noted my prizes for #stashpass are for HIVE P2E games, well that's no coincidence.

The objective is to give the gift that keeps on giving, while the prizes can be sold they also can be used by anyone in their respective P2E games to earn more.

Helping both the winners (the supporters of #stashpass) & HIVE blockchains many P2E games.

This leads me to my next point.

Did you know the HIVE blockchain has over 20 Blockchain games?

You have to squint a little Casinos would have to qualify but yeah over 20 Blockchain games on HIVE.

Do you know why no one really knows this?

There is no accurate list of HIVE blockchain games on the internet?!

My guess is its a byproduct of 2 factors, firstly most of us on HIVE can get blinders on when it comes to new Dapps.

The second is economic its not as easy to put in effort promoting others projects when your struggling to stay above water. I get it as my projects haven't all panned out it gets depressing & the last thing you want is to help others succeed when your not.

As for any list that has all HIVE Blockchain games currently Hashkings features the most titles in one place.

I have looked, the best I can find is on the Hashkings game believe it or not. Blows Dapp Radar & HIVE Dapps out of the water, well done Hashkings.

Since no complete list exists currently.

Get ready for this to change, fairly soon ill do a write up about all of HIVE blockchains many games.

My belief is HIVE blockchains true strength is derived from us working together as a group, the collective far stronger then the individual.

WAX NFT Giveaways

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

WAX NFT airdrop

The URL above contains a single WAX NFT airdrop featuring 5 WAX NFTs shown below. Claimable by the first individual that clicks the link, if your the lucky reader please let myself & others know via the comments it helps.

These NFTs used with the following P2E titles

Miss the larger WAX NFT airdrop?

First 5 readers that leave their WAX wallet address in the comments receive a WAX NFT.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

How you participate in a #stashpass NFT giveaway is be one of the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass on this post & then Re-blog, gets a #stashpass Weedcash NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs are part of a monthly NFT raffle taking place on the 20th with the #stashpass NFT ownership being used to determine who wins the raffle.

Full Instructions on #stashpass raffles can be found via the URL below

You can view, buy, or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

So the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass & then re-blog this post gets an exclusive limited #stashpass NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

Let me know via the comments is you experience any airdrop or prize issues, thanks for supporting #stashpass.

Sorry for the delay I had to publish this after work, also when the prizes where sent to the winners.

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