New bad cannabis photos featuring mold

While years ago I literally would find moldy weed all of the time, now however It is a rare thing for me to find moldy pot. Given that I for the most part buy my cannabis from a dispensary now & anyone with moldy pot knows to throw it away/ recycle it. Occasionally usually through less discerning relatives or friends I have that smoke pot moldy weed finds me I try to get moldy or bad pot for macro photos of It to show us exactly what some people are actually smoking.
I know its tough to look at but the strands of white are mold Ill do another closer picture next but the dark coloration is actually where it is starting to rot/decompose.
See the white isn't THC some are hairs towards the left but any of the white towards the right is mold. You shouldn't smoke this for a number of reasons but the immediate problem is it will more than likely make you sick. As well as cause future health problems from mold inhalation such a (Black Lung).
In the circled area you can see the mold growing out of the Cannabis Where as the THC and hairs in the same image are much larger this is more wispy.
Obviously this is much better pot It is just to show you the difference between decay and purple color purple color presents as either a genetic trait or as a response to the temperature.

This is what I was smoking below (Blue cheese)
It is also what my little cousin who brought me that pot is now smoking because I'm not a prick I gave him good pot and took his shwag. 20210110_201850.jpg
Looks unassuming but really its this