Lets Make some Fungible profits


Now of course today ill touch on Splinterlands but also 2 NFT projects I have researched a while now as well as a new one you may want to check out. Splinterlands will be a great earner for the next few years in my opinion, but now is the time to get into less popular projects as they are cheaper. Being cheaper they inherently represent less of a financial risk for a higher potential reward.

Risk reward cost analysis is an important component of investing especially in NFTs, for me its best to view an NFT or crypto investment in a utilitarian mindset. In other words how can you utilize that tool or asset, this is something that I originally would apply to say tools for construction. So when looking at NFT collections I ask can this be used as a tool and if so to what end.


I'm all about hands on learning especially when talking about crypto projects, after all how can I report on something I dont fully understand. So while it may take me a little longer to catch on to certain aspects of a project I have a more in depth view of the functionality as a whole.

This makes it possible for me to field questions where as just reporting on something not fully understood is a fools errand. Now lets talk Dice packs first off they are winding down to the last ones available ever with less then 50,000 left on the game market.
A screen grab was taken last evening about 12 hours ago at the time of writing.
This was taken the following morning meaning they had sold about 300 packs an hour & now more then ever before the dice packs will be worth opening. So despite no further airdrops the market purchases will likely speed up.
Last Card being added to the current Dice packs available
Lucky me I got 3 of them and this card will be the rarest in the entire Dice pack colection as its the last and less then 100,000 Dice packs remain unopened total.

This will inevitably make this card the rarest overall due to the way the packs function the overall remaining supply. While this one legendary card is only a part of the reason as to why the packs will be opened much more frequently.

Dice packs have the highest overall odds of getting a legendary card overall though maybe a less rare one its still a legendary card and such has a greater value. So like I have been saying smoke em if you got them you wont be able to burn theses packs for much longer.

In other Splinterlands news I finally have been messing with SPS generation outside the game. So the liquidity pool on pancake swap is something to check out right now at time of writing its an APR of 76% utilizing CAKE a BSC crypto to facilitate liquidity.
Not bad thus far for $0.50 USD worth of cake and less then 12 hours

My Last tip originally caught me off guard, BRO over here on Hive has been generating SPS to their holders.
Nice addition to their drip system and I hope similar projects follow suite well done BRO.

Green Rabbit

Lean Mean NFT racing machine this is what green rabbits next major step of their project is an NFT racing Game. A well executed project thus far with WAX alt coin mining, wallet snapshot NFT distribution, & now a racing Game requiring their Shellinium crypto. This gives Shellinium multiple use cases now that's in the end of august, currently the market doesn't recognize what this project has to offer.

Its my opinion that stocking up on Shellinium now will be very profitable later on as would stocking up on cheap mining flash drive NFTs and corresponding totems.
This Shellinium or SHELL will become increasingly important as the racing game is finally made playable toward the end of august.
See this chest as its called above is a Green Rabbit NFT that allows users to open or burn it on their site. The act of doing so gives your WAX wallet 50,000 SHELL they sell those (chests) for $2 worth of WAX 12 WAX. Since the market has been at an upward price point for SHELL since its launch on the 27th of July & we know there will be a racing game requiring SHELL soon. It stands to reason its worth risking $2 on 50,000 of them at least from my perspective.


I know I am going to sound slightly delusional by saying KOGs will soon take off in value well at least the newest ones series 3 in other words. Series 2 Tube staking just ended on July 30th now the RFOX coin that will be generated for staking Tubes will no longer be an ETH asset. While not yet active the Tube staking should be announced soon as the bounty board just fired up which is an important function of the last series of KOGs.
Bounty Boards Started August 1st Collect the specified KOG and get a pack as simple as that its done one KOG per week at a time specified on their site.
Besides this advancement to the KOGS project we also had the first brawl on the game and their discord in the time since the new series launched.
I am an alpha tester the wallet pairing has started with the game and it should not be long since the fight night has started. So its not long before this play to earn blockchain game is public integrating their NFT colection from WAX and BSC. Now imp not certain as to when this KOGS price spike will occur but I know we are not that far off.

Play to earn wave

There has been a sizable portion of the average crypto users gravitating toward Play to Earn Blockchain Games in recent months. Now even overtaking Defi the previous front runner because I try to get ahead of market trends this gives me a thought. Like when Splinterlands spiked the DEC price shot up it was a good time to own DEC previously.

While typically I focus more on the NFT aspect some of these newer games may be a good investment opportunity. Either in their assets or their crypto as both tend to shoot up at the same time. So what I'm getting at with this write up is now is the time to build up an inventory of either the crypto the players will need or the NFTs they will need.

One thing I would strongly recommend and I will soon be doing the same is checking out the Syrup Pools on Pancake Swap.
A Syrup pool unlike a traditional liquidity pool takes a singular crypto CAKE to generate a return of the specified coin its paired with.
Now the Crypto I have been screen grabbing I know for sure are part of a blockchain Game.
I mention all of this because its a low risk investment this way with an already high APR if you add in the fact that blockchain games are more popular then ever before it stands to reason these may spike in price.
Not that I'm a financial advisor or anything its just I tend to invest based on market analytics. Right now the market is saying to me double down on the game integrated assets NFTs or crypto.
Splinterlands is the top 5 DAPPs in the blockchain industry overall Uniswap is number 8 that's not just incredible that is unheard of for a hive game especially.

Holy Horsepower Batman

Many like myself have probably wondered how this many players haven't crashed Splinterlands more frequently. Due to the nature of the Hive blockchain and blockchain integrated games of EOSIO based services in general More users would require more Hash power for transaction requests.

Apparently Splinterlands may be starting to take certain aspects of gameplay off the Hive network without effecting the provably fair mechanism or Game as a whole. Dealing with some of the network requirements on their Splinterlands servers while not actually effecting the current game functions.

I was wondering how they could handle this many new users on such a fluid blockchain game. By offsetting some of the computational requirements they would likely minimize chances of errors or crashing.
At this point the devs at Splinterlands have more then earned my trust, I had anticipated potential issues due to network traffic and its nice they are working on it before anyone notices problems. Some may worry that aspects are temporarily not on blockchain but its not the financially pertinent aspects from what I can tell from their post.

As always I implore you to read their original post as I'm not involved in their project just a super fan.

Play to earn & Syrup pools

See I'm generating my SPS here on Hive & on Binance Via pancake swap, I have set up 2 liquidity pools on Hive / BSC, Staking in the game, & the airdrop. SPS is paying me a little over $20 a day at the current market price so I started looking into some other play to earn projects also listed on pancake swap syrup pools.

This MOBOX: NFT Farmer a play to earn game I found is free and a BSC wallet blockchain game which also has a syrup pool on pancake swap.

MOBOX has built a unique infrastructure that builds on the growing DeFi ecosystem and combines it with Gaming through unique NFTs. Using Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and NFTs, the GameFi infrastructure will not just find the best yield strategies for users but also generate unique NFTs that can be used across a multitude of games. This gives MOBOX users the unique ability to play for free and to earn in one singular process.

My referral is below but a free NFT based mmorpg with yield farming and play to earn as its core premise.

Though not the largest player base it des have room to grow and its a solid game concept and overall design. What brought MOBOX to my attention is the syrup pools on pancake swap.

So there's a chance to invest built in to the very core of the game, its both a game and a yield farm service in one.

They even have a sudo form of mining
looks like game credits just started the switch to BSC as well & they are developing a metaverse but its still TBD.

Torum Just got real

Any one familiar with Torum probably is rolling their eyes at the mere mention of Torum. Normally yes I would just ignore this project, but they may actually be a massive contender on the Blockchain social media and NFT market. How they where just handed $100,000,000 yesterday by a venture capitalist fund called Huobi Ventures. This was in reaction to this news from Torum direct quote
Torum NFT Launchpad: The initial NFT offering platform for projects to issue a set of limited edition NFTs to the community.

"Torum NFT Marketplace: The first social-infused NFT marketplace with the ability to market NFTs to the users of Torum.

Torum Airdrop: A premium section for projects to conduct airdrops to the Torum community.

Torum News: A one-stop news and information aggregator for projects.

Torumgram: A bridge that connects Telegram groups and channels to Torum.

Torum Lounge: An audio-only board to conduct AMA and close-engaging events."

I have always hoped for this project but I never seen it actually taking off but they are going to be potentially the biggest NFT market on BSC once this finalizes.
Here is the original article link
Glad I bothered with this shit
Very next step is integrating this Torum Defi Platform and the blog, making the earned XTM tradeable along with adding in NFT functions outlined earlier.

This makes 4 blockchains I have made NFTs on

I made a few cannabis NFTs in my day Many of which where on WAX 1 on EOS and the 1 I made on ETH almost a year ago. Now I can add BSC NFT producer to the list on a NFT Dapp called NFT black market no less. Its more open about marijuana although a little rudimentary, I can only airdrop WAX NFTs thus far effectively this is the most important part of NFT production and having to ask for an address seems sketch.

This is the New BSC NFT on Sale Now
Link is for the sale listing below


This is the link to my ETH Gorilla Glue NFT my 1st NFT ever


Unfortunately I had issues with the EOS NFT I cant seem to be able to find the wallet I used and cant find it in my usual one so I dont have the photo or the link.

Weed & WAX

Since I'm going over some NFTs of cannabis I'm going to do 2 airdrops on todays post the first is weed NFTs in this the weed and WAX section. It will include one of my own weed NFTs & a few whitelisted weed WAX NFTs.

What I'm smoking

A strain called Indiana Bubble Gum, why name it after a state you go to prison for possessing a joint?
Got a gram of this just to check it out really much stronger then i would have thought.

Single claim NFT airdrop URL

This is a airdrop of 6 NFTs on a first come first serve basis and can only be claimed by a single lucky reader. If you the lucky one that receives the airdrop and there is less then 6 NFTs check you WAX wallet white list settings.
Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Prospectors topping the NFT sale value for 3 days now also a free to play game check it out at the link below. BTW they have roulette so the Martingale system works here however no site reward and its not a large project so doing this could be detrimental. this game is free it makes real crypto give it a shot its not bad honestly you can make quite a bit on it.

more free WAX games, rewarding free NFTs/Crypto
Rising star is a totally free HIVE game no input for steady output my kind of investment.
Oh I guess now Torum to

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