Cronic cards Palnet launch, Other cannabis NFTs, Gladius case unboxing


In todays write up, Ill go over the relaunch of cronic cards on, do a Gladius case unboxing in Splinterlands, & finally top it all off with some cannabis NFT lines.

First I have to give a big thank you to the team over at Palnet for the White listing as a NFT creator here on the HIVE blockchain.

Second my gratitude keeps going as Torum has finally been monetized, so a big thank you to anyone that used my referral or follows me over there.


Palnet NFT production

I figure most haven't seen this process yet so why not walk everyone through it. I have to say fairly straight forward
I have made NFTs on a myriad of platforms and blockchains & this seems reminiscent of BSC or ETH.
Utilizing PAL the palnet Site token
You mint the first NFT for 6 PAL & each subsequent NFT of the same type for 1 PAL.

Again cant thank the staff at enough for the white listing of My first NFTs on a HIVE blog.
On Sale now for the low low price of 8 PAL only 30 have been minted of the first colection available here.


Gladius cases are finally within my grasp, I also figured out some very important info regarding the new Gladius cards.
First thing is first an Unboxing Results:
Not bad at all, Many may say hold up you cant sell these or trade them so what value do you get from them?

True they cant be sold or traded but valueless they are not, In fact the Gladius cards have a burn Value.
You see that burn value of 10, this adds to both the SPS airdrop & it also increases my account power.
Worse comes to worse I can also just burn them for DEC (though I Doubt I would).
See the cards from the new rewards series recently launched have half the burn value thus half the rewards.

I told all my readers to find a guild I wasn't wrong there are talks in my guild currently of a sister guild as our guild has become immensely popular.

Now the sister canna curate guild would not start out being able to purchase Gladius cases, even my guild has to get more upgrades to use our new cards.

So Once I can get the name and let the others know Ill be sending applicants their way Ill do a follow up post with instructions on how to join.

I will say that our canna curate guild has become popular thanks to hard work & commitment from me and my fellow guild members.


Yeah I know no one wants to keep hearing about this Dapp, Its not my fault they are so awesome but ill keep it short.
See this music NFT above was airdropped to me for owning
I get 5 Music NFTs for owning this and then I need to buy an august one.

So far I have gotten 3 of the 5
I'm hoping they add more NFTs to the next one as $8 in WAX USDT is a bit much for what I was given.
Say you just want one however all these songs can be purchased here:
Offering a faucet, & affordable music NFTs Cait will change this industry mark my words.

Cannabis NFTs

Other then my new NFTs on sale now here on HIVE blockchains very own Palnet.
There are a few new marijuana NFTs I would like t direct your attention to.
No idea what this does but I got it for a steal & its white listed so I'm guessing its legit. Bought mine for $1.42 Can now sell it for:
Ill try $20 see what I can get

Bro Bro tokens
A weed friendly colection now getting WAX alts sale just started today link below.
Or the new official site
Got to love it, lets keep these jaw dropping cannabis NFTs going with cryptobuds.

Why do I keep mentioning and airdropping these?
See those NFTs for ownership, now combine that info with their very limited quantities. You now see why this colection will do well in my opinion.
Once the market realizes their value they will shoot up in value is my assumption.
Then of course you have Green rabbit no new info there but you should still check them out.

Rise of the Meme Coins

SHIB has been listed on coinbase, this is the big time for the DOGE killer meme coin.
I had seen this price spike coming a month or so ago & tried to warn my readers with an article featuring the little Meme coin. Still not out of the woods but the Meme coin is well on its way to legitimacy.

There is even a SHIB faucet available here

What I'm smoking

For those new to my Weedcash posts I do this section as kind of a joke & means of including Weedcash users in my airdrops. The sorta joke sorta warning being I'm stoned when I'm posting on Hive so keep that in mind when using the information provided.

So today I'm smoking the strain Chocolate Mint OG, I should have included a lighter for reference but that bud is like 5 grams.
I'm going to have to fire up the endo scope & get some close ups given the new NFT white listing.

On sale now

First ever cronic card on PALnet available for the low low cost of 8 PAL just enough to break even a little above. As with all my NFT endeavors success here would translate in further give aways and better airdrops.

Triger a Tip bot get a NFT

Given the rise of popularity of my NFT airdrops & Since there are a few forms of Hive crypto which you can trigger a bot to distribute via a command.
Why not do a secondary airdrop for those that want to participate simply trigger one of the (Tip bot HIVE alts) In the comments followed by your WAX wallet address.

Once I'm aware you have done so I will send a verified NFT for every coin triggered.
BERR is currently out of order but the rest should work fine

  • WINE
  • LUV
    It may take a while but I will respond once the NFT(s) are sent to verify I have done so.

Airdrop URL

In every post I airdrop WAX NFTs via a URL which can be claimed by the first lucky reader to click it, after its claimed once the link will no longer be active. If your the lucky reader that claims the airdrop please let other readers know in the comments it helps.
Dont forget if your the lucky reader to let the other readers know in the comments it helps. Also If you have any comments or questions about todays write up let me know in the comments.

When my posts do well airdrops get better so please re blog, like, comment, and subscribe to get more large airdrops just like this one.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
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Want to stop by & purchase NFTs from my extensive WAX NFT colection? With over 1,300 White listed NFTs 1,000s of which are for sale feel free to check out my inventory here.
Or the PALnet Cronic Cards here
Or submit a trading request here no guarantee I see it though they have not fixed alerts.

My apologies this post is much shorter & less informative then usual, I unfortunately have been really busy lately.

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