Bud on the blockchain Hashkings launched!


Hashkings launched Today a Hive Blockchain Game based around digital Cannabis cultivation, Not only this apparently 4/20 stirred a catatonic stoned dragon, as several large NFT producers on WAX introduced cannabis NFTs.

Ill get to Hashkings in just a moment but suprisingly there has been a rather drastic change in the WAX Cannabis NFT market. Rplanet may have just set the record for most expensive cannabis NFT, The cheapest listing is for well over $100 USD.
These serve a purpose they may be combined to make new elements in Rplanet, said combinations can produce NFTs valued well over $1,000 USD. I utilized this mechanism today Ill go over all the details after I get to the most important news Hashkings launch.

Hash Kings

Though I'm not a pro far from it ill do my best to explain what I have figured out about this game thus far. What first caught my attention is the staking option for BUDS the Hashkings Hive Engine Crypto.

Aforementioned Staking is done through the MOTA liquidity pool.
MOTA being another Hash kings Hive engine Crypto, Which I have been watching like a hawk for months on Hive engine. A stoned partially blind hawk but I digress.
@hashkings Has a fairly comprehensive guide but anybody that has grown pot before should find there are few things that will confuse you. Here is an intro guide
And a hybrid guide
Sine I just started playing I dont feel comfortable expanding upon how to play until I'm better acquainted with their project. I know you grow seed in your land plot the BUDS have staking and NFT creation capabilities but expanding further then this will take some time.

Now that I have established what I dont know let focus on something I do know namely the WAX NFT market. Hashkings is in a fairly good position on WAX their collection is white listed just not verified verification would grant @hashkings certain privileges. the most important of which would be Rplanet NFT staking.

This is an ideal pairing Rplanet would give even small NFT collections a boost in popularity, Since the demand for their NFTs is astonishingly high already having only one design.
This may be someone trying to price fix your collection @hashkings you may want to look into it, though its not really my business.

Of course I picked up a special Hashkings WAX NFT for todays airdrop.

The last note I have for @hashkings Rising star has come up with a simplistic yet effective work around to sell their HIVE NFTs on WAX just have a redeem system based on discord in other words someone buys a WAX rising star NFT and contacts them on discord the WAX NFT is sent to them they send your Hive account the in Game NFT.

Simple yet effective and perhaps something for later down the line.

If your not yet playing Hashkings please check it out we have to support projects like these when given the option.


NFT staking for several different WAX NFT collections, Today their land plots begin their mining function & Rplanet has exploded in value their packs and NFTs selling for well over $1,000 just elements sell for hundreds of dollars. I have been staking NFTs to the for a while now and coincidentally today I finally had enough to try the element combination feature.
You see staking NFTs through Rplanet generates AETHER which is used to purchase elements in game
Use Aether to get the basic elements. Mix them to create new ones.
My first combination yielded garbage literally a NFT classification of Garbage
Though not the cannabis I wanted even garbage is useful you just have to be creative
both metaphorically, and in game you can use garbage like an element.
First 600 of any type of element get an out of Game NFT first time ever producing one gets you rewards in the form of a prize.
Given all the features of this WAX Dapp it should surprise no one that a NFT collection being listed drastically increases popularity and value.
The value of this NFT collection can not be understated, Another WAX project exploding in Value I was actually one of the first users of Collect social. Same premise but a little different its not rewards generated by staking but completing NFT collections.
Its astonishing how cheaply you can generate expensive NFTs through collect social. My last reward sold for $20 USD cost was roughly $3 in WAXP.
Ideally HIVE NFTs could one day unite their various WAX collections under one banner but this is not likely but I can have dreams of a brighter tomorrow.
No real place to mention NFT wizards Weed NFT packs from this verified whitelisted collection are selling for $150 USD minimum.

Game credits free NFT generation

A gas fee free NFT market through Game credits an ERC 20 crypto services and Blockchain Game promotional NFT company. Now Gas free NFT generation and selling on site through the forge. Their customization includes Defi a little bit different from your standard NFT generation options, They also have the option for concealed layers to the NFT until after purchase its still an ERC20 but some of their features at game credits are free.

Think of game credit NFTs as a kick starter for your blockchain project or business. your allowed to make a base account or if looking to generate money for your project like the kick starter option I described.
The partner version is the Kickstarter type option in their NFT forge splinterlands has been a partner since at least last November when I first joined. After getting to ask the Game credits owner a few questions at a tech conference/AMA. I even got a free NFT to commemorate the occasion


One flaw its that the GAME crypto is an ERC20 thus I have to pay gas to support my favorite projects. I'm not wealthy enough to burn $20 for nothing not even a buzz to show for it. So this great project like many has been punished by the ETH network they have been working on this though the NFT sales are free so only cashing out has gas.

Of course if you dont want to be a partner they still allow for NFT production and sale all free Quite impressive for an ETH based company really.


What I'm smoking

Feeling a little lazy today so I'm smoking whatever I find from 4/20 its like an easer egg hunt for felonies found a joint two edibles some dabs and as usual still vaping the WAX liquidizer cartridges from like forever ago. I'm feeling good lets just say that now time to smoke some more weed play a game about weed and get paid for it wow my highschool guidance counselor couldn't have been further off with their prediction if they tried.

Single claim airdrop

I try to include a single claim airdrop url for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 5 NFTs if you received less then 5 check your whitelist settings.

rather large airdrop compared with the usual today enjoy lucky reader

Please let others know the link has been claimed in the comments it helps

If your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here. My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

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