Bitverse Silver pack of NFTs unboxing Stoned reviewer


Its good and bad news I'm inconvenienced but I somewhat have WAX cloud wallet working via NFT hive instead so I was able to do an unboxing. Their error message says delete cache I have tried that different browsers and different devices still not working.

From what I can gather at least 4 NFT collections launched since 2 days ago, including MLB base ball card NFTs made by the TOPPS NTF company that made the Godzilla NFTs and Garbage pale kids. If you like base ball the cards are going to go on sale soon via NFT hive ( as an investment I avoid this company ).

I have a suspicion though just a theory that there will be real world equivalent packs of the cards like the garbage pale kids, you can get NFTs from them with QR system for their corresponding NFT similar to a paper wallet. I think the MLB NFTs also produced by TOPPS will follow a similar path but again there is no evidence thus far to indicate this.

Bitverse comics NFTs

These NFTs produced BITBOY CRYPTO typically an ERC20 ETH NFT producer has apparently launched a WAX wallet line in the form of Bitverse comics, Funny story todays access to my usual methods of payment being compromised I had to use my credit card & one of the first times ever I bought this NFT directly from the company this saved me some money paying only $9.99 + TAX I got one silver pack for the unboxing in todays post.

As a bonus and sorry I did not point this out sooner the WAX network has been acting weird for a while. I got a free pack of NFTs from bitverse as a promo, So todays unboxing will have the results of both 15 NFTs total.
Unfortunately I couldn't get screen grabs of the promo pack unboxing and only one for the silver pack but the fact I could do anything at all I'm thankful for.
AS I had previously stated I'm short on all the photos this time due to the limitations of the Dapps I could use. AS such I'm skipping right to the results of all of the packs together.
Results 5 promo cards roughly 0.5-0.15 WAX a piece resale I got two Rare card NFTs, 3 uncommon NFTs, 5 Common NFTs. 1 RARE NFT is worth roughly $13.00 USD resale the second has sold a previous version for $23 USD roughly 89 WAX. From what I can tell there are item and character cards.

Unfortunately their collection and their site are both sparse with information on the potential use or lack there of of these NFTs but the Items make me think there is something they are not yet making public.

Just a hunch but even if this as far as the NFT line goes definitely going to profit on the purchase the high price is somewhat promising the limits on pack numbers could have been lower but saying that basically means I dont want to purchase it directly because that's what usual will happen in a severely limited minting.

To me a few of the NFTs being items this screams game or combination/burn system again just a nagging suspicion this collection seems like the cards are only a part of the picture.

Guessing the pictures highlighted correspond to stats of a character or player or something along these lines.
I new I recognized the name Bitboy from somewhere
looks like a crypto podcast or something like that I'm not sure think they are the same company as
The project and the character art style seems fairly iconic attention grabbing superheroish crypto parody with a darker twist. The cards are right over the line for just enough as a result the immediate price seems to be suffering.

From what I have seen from similar projects it may be worth snipping some of these if the price drops I probably will. do this for now and hodl my cheaper cards sell the two rare assets to recoup the money spent + profit then keep the other 13 NFTs see if maybe they jump in price.

As for right now details are sparse but it seems company's on wax like to keep consumers in the dark makes predicting their value and determining value right away almost impossible.

This is a great method to deter aggressive market practices from creating a bubble before you can fully launch your product, I feel the NFTs are only a part of this story though for ow what I know is its a decently valued WAX wallet NFT collection. I pad retail on which its not to hard to profit but I wouldn't put more then $15 USD In to a silver pack.

Its for the lack of info and the decreasing price I give Bitboy comics a rating of

4.2 out of 5

Already got my money back this morning I sound rather certain in a lot of these write up reviews but its not without reason If I say I'm profiting I'm profiting I'm not I've taken quite a few losses but I'm getting better at discerning what to stay away from. I doubled my money with this purchase already after selling just one of my 15 NFTS proof
sold for 2.5 x my original purchase price of $9.99 USD I started flipping on wax with very little monetary input $50 the real money came from my splinterlands cards at first but combining these systems I have a system generating a profit.

Wouldn't be a stoned reviewer sober so I'm smoking...

Wedding cake, while drinking infused tea and I vape THC cartridges so much i forget to mention it. I made enough cartridge fluid with rosin or distillate Hash last November that I'm still Vaping it. something like 3 grams of rosin distillate and 99% THC I did separate write ups testing WAX liquidizer from but I made more then I could smoke in well 7 months and I'm getting close but still a few cartridges off from the end.

Wedding cake
I have been stuck on this strain since I first found it locally the taste is strong reminiscent of coffee a slightly Indica dominant strain with 17.08% THC. NOT only that I like the plants overall health given a few subjective factors and my prior experience I know this was well done.
This photo above says it all healthy green orange and purple pigment development from natural traits not stress or temp. I appreciate when people take the time with cannabis whomever grew this was fairly good at what they do my hats off to them and their skill set.
This is one of the major reasons as To why I purchased this camera To photograph quality cannabis looking as closely as possible and finding no faults, just a sense of awe for what cannabis really looks like in all its majesty.
A tiny bud is vastly more intercut then many even think possible made all the more mysterious due to the unjust restriction put into place concerning it.
Information surrounding cannabis is a chapter of history we have all been deprived of for goodness sakes there is a good chance this plants even instrumental in the formation of the first human settlements. Americas declaration of independence written on it latter made illegal for economic and social reasons by the same era that thought radiation ingestion was good for you.
Though just photos (now being properly documented I might add) any and all information is needed if we are going to play catch up on the decades of lost info.

This is why i always post to weedcash I may get a little off topic and frankly I joined hive for a censorship resistant crypto community that enjoys them some cannabis This is primarily my target audience for the airdrops I try my best to include assets I have a hunch may jump in my airdrops for instance If you held on to one of the two drills I gave away in a few airdrops these now sell for $12 I just sold a few extras I had for that this morning. Originally I purchased the drills for $0.12, not every long shot pays off but a few have That's also why I throw in WAX when I can point out the free or cheap assets, to teach someone to fish metaphorically speaking. Weedcash gets first Dibbs on this outreach but Hive has people from all walks of life all are welcome just be warned I may throw in a few cannabis NFTs.

I can airdrop right to twitter accounts now

dont know what I'm going to do with this yet but I figured out how to just gift NFTs to twitter accounts so you may want to follow me on twitter nothing yet but I think ill be utilizing this feature soon.

Collect social hits main page for wax dapps

The first social nft collection completion site is moving forward with their project quite quickly just signing in daily can earn you crypt or nfts and completing nft collections

Single claim airdrop

I try to include a single claim airdrop url for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active.
Please let others know the link has been claimed in the comments it helps

4/20 Air Drop

Sorry to sound like a broken record about this but I'm just making sure all my readers know this 4/20 I'm doing my second NFT airdrop. First 42 people to leave their WAX wallet address on my Weedcash post on 4/20 Titled 4/20 airdrop get exclusive event only NFTs & a NFT joint with WAXP reward to burn.

More free wax nfts try either of these services that could be really helpful for new users looking to get more assets.
If you want to purchase any of my thousands of NFTs they can be found here including the new alien horrors.

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