1st year on HIVE, Weedcash, & Splinterlands recap NFT airdrop(s)


November marks a full year here well late October for Hive and early November for Splinterlands. My life has been forever changed by my decision to join Hive & I am incredibly grateful for what Hive has done for me.
I was & occasionally still freelance as a construction worker this is what I joined Hive with $200. That was everything I originally threw into this little side project, Since then having made around $12,000 between HIVE and WAX (something that was funded by my ventures on HIVE). That's profit by the way not my portfolio or money I had to re-spend.

Though not the most technologically savvy individual I did have some computer skills I had yet to find a use for, Hell I joined twitter a year ago.

I had spent the last 6 years basically just working and playing games, I didn't even know how to utilizes crypto until like 5 months before I joined Hive.

When I say that Hive turned my life around I'm not kidding never thought I would be here a place where quitting my day job could be in the cards.

So when I say be patient stick with Hive & Splinterlands Its because I have benefited not immediately but over time.

At first it was every dollar made may have taken forever but it snowballs into something greater.

Especially when you find areas your already interested in and share your experience or knowledge you have gleamed on the subject.

My focus as always was weed & video games nerd collectables same shit I was always into just monetized.


This was where I finally found my stride the NFT market & this was before Splinterlands prices spiked Due to SPS.

Splinterlands hitting number 2 Dapp in the world is one of the best things to happen to me recently & I'm only a player of the game.

Of course this is just Dapp radar but they are fairly reputable in my opinion.

The Splinterlands Developers must be proud of that monumental achievement.

My self and many others where grandfathered in so to speak, so the market has not favored new users as much.

Yet new users will soon be where I was last fall with a market full of packs and cards. My advice make the best deck you can something I wish I focused on more.

Patience and potions master theses tools, you will go far in this game & hell go far in life.

My portfolio revolves around mostly NFTs especially those from certain blockchain games. Splinterlands happens to have no glaring flaws with its asset rarity & price being self leveling due to a brilliantly executed burn blend use case.

An epic game can be done in with market saturation & the market having to little is dangerous to, Striking that perfect balance of utility and accessibility is almost impossible.

Alien worlds has a blend use case but no one can use it as you the average user have to directly interact with your accounts blockchain data on blocks.io to use it.
Same with equipping multiple items of the same type which is possible to do up to 4x per item but no one knows how to utilize this feature.

This gives the general public a disadvantage to anyone that is slightly more skilled with the WAX Blockchain when playing alien worlds.

Its easy to be a fan its impossible to see faults with things you like, this is why NFTs can be dangerous as its subjective. Overlooking glaring issues has lead me to loose some fairly large sums of cash.

However I found holding on to it may not bring your money back but perhaps it has some use, could rally who knows.
Still I spend a good amount of money though this is only what I can afford, this is very important dont invest what you can not afford to loose especially in NFTs.

Try to look at it as a fan and collector first with Re-sale being a secondary focus if at all.

I learned to have fun with it use NFTs and blockchain as a hobby replacing the nonsense I would occupy myself with before with something worth while Blockchain technology.

These started as a way to share what info can be gleamed by simply opening a pack not always a great indicator, but you can get an idea of what you may expect.
$10 pack from A new colection called honey farmer which I mean obviously I have to open for my friends at hive.
I have a Queen from that $8 NFT pack with a $200 minimum listing but its common rarity, I got a rare drone minimum listing $37.

This is a potential investment situation given that honey farmer has shot up in popularity so I bought the last colection pass. I recommend these over packs if there is no time limit but the pass is for drops for the life of the colection.

A pass when you have over 4,000 NFTs with countless different producers is a good way to keep tabs on them by just checking my wallet.

See how the top end of the colection has sold out this usually means serious investors. An indicator I have learned to look for in new NFT collections.

The other is a reason for a NFT collections existence, hype is a temporary fleeting thing. A cause however is something people can get behind rally around Honey farms is one such colection.


Stoners & NFTs

Marijuana and NFTs are a perfect combo unlike crypto which is still awesome, but given its a payment method that cant purchase the very thing it is a parody of.

This may actually change though I know shocking marijuana might become legal in the US at a federal level.

Amazon the biggest company ever is lobbying congress on the behalf of legal weed

Making Amazon the biggest pot dealer ever sounds like a fun future & they accept crypto, so maybe one day soon Crypto and cannabis will get along.

For now we have the entertainment sector of cannabis on blockchain social blogs like Weedcash & NFTs / Games like hash kings.

Marijuana NFTs threw me 2 curve balls recently on WAX, I pointed out the cannabis Gnomes headed for the moon.

Now we have CryptoBuds.io Completion use case only membership passes selling for hundreds $$$.

Brought attention to this NFT colection when this use case began $10 later would have gotten you the card above. The fan card which sells for the least $20-$40 or really lucky owners.
That's basically turning $10 into $500, cannabis hasn't been the best subject matter for NFTs when it comes to investing.

I do believe times are changing one NFT colection based on DeFi & marijuana triggering my NFT senses like crazy is...
A Whitelisting pass with exclusive chat rooms for VIP with a Defi + NFT airdrop distribution. Which is something that can not be transferred or resold.
This colection isn't like the rest some thinking stoners here there is great skill behind this thing above and beyond most anything I see on average.

Unfortunately due to their nature this is one NFT I cant give away, DeFi, vIRLs, a community blog, & Exclusive NFTs which only owners access.

Stoner colection just checking all the boxes on this one so you might want to get one of these while they are available.

I bought 1, now I wait a month & a half then the Bro down begins.


Second Splinterlands clan

One of my guild leaders at the cannacurate guild Bigdrizle will soon be starting another Splinterlands guild ( cool with pot ). I have told them that once it starts I can give them a few account names to fill out the guild.

Once all the details are sorted ill give you readers the info & find a way to see who if anyone can call dibs on a spot or what.

The deal is we all contribute a fairly hefty amount of DEC in the first cannacurate guild I'm in + participate in brawls.

We contribute at least what we earn extra in DEC due to the guild bonus, however I basically bought the market and barracks myself. So I dont owe dues for a while though I still chip in.

The better members are to their guild the more DEC you win. Getting Gladius cases means your account power gets higher, your account power is higher the more money you could make

Season rewards get absolutely incredible at higher ranker tiers.

Not to mention the SPS airdrop increases its just all around more lucrative to be in a guild.

So in the eventuality there is room for members ill do a post about joining.

Thanks Hive


Have to thank all of my supporters & followers for helping me make 2020 - 2021, better then it ever could have been without Hive.

The pandemic was rough on everyone, we as a society lost a great deal to the pandemic, Lost relatives & my job, but found Hive for that I'm thankful.

Every thing I gained from blockchain starts with Hive, This is why I try to help every one I can field questions when asked & airdrops always airdrops.

Just takes someone trying to help out a little & you can accomplish great things with the support of Hive thanks Hive & thanks to all you readers.

Collectable comeback

NFTs and classic collectables have experienced a massive surge in both of their markets recently. People have always had this fandom but Something collectable is no longer strictly a physical asset.

Look at the baseball card craze sparked by NFTs driving interest in the real world equivalent. Splinterlands has its place & due to the nature of blockchain Pokémon wont be joining our ranks any time soon arguably your only real competition.

Give it 2 decades this will be Splinterlands assuming humans still exist.

Tools & tips

You dont go an entire year reading white papers without finding a few things an average user would get some use out of.

So ill list a few useful services I dont always highlight but can be very useful especially to new Hive users.

Hive upvote & post boosts

Other Hive services to check out

Useful for those looking to share others work proof of collaboration.


Gift Giver temporary account power to get a good start with Hive and a faucet paying both HP and HIVE to your account.

What I'm smoking

What am I smoking the section in my weed cash posts tying to bridge the gap between my marijuana & NFT / crypto usage. The image above is from something no one could possibly believe.

Calling that weed (car crash caper Kush) Why is this you may as, funny story about that is....

Someone drove through my buddies outdoor grow with a truck, hit one plant with the vehicle still standing BTW.

Then tried to rip the plants out to steel them got some branches and bent a few plants & they stole the smallest one.

So Car Crash Caper Kush is what was ripped off the plants scattered every where. This weed survived a kamikaze hill Billy vehicular botched robbery attempt.

This is the Hill Billy shit I'm dealing with this isn't even something that would throw me.

I went from this kind of shit to normalcy thanks Weedcash been a hell of a year.

Yeah unfortunately getting pictures of a crime scene after that slice of Michigan normalcy wasn't going to happen.

Ill ask maybe later on if they have any photos but someone just drove a truck through their grow sore subject doesn't quite touch it.

No one could or should believe this story but its honestly the truth, I said its a Hill Billy grow this is the kind of shit that happens.

Palnet commemorative NFT

I have made a commemorative years worth of weed NFT which is a slide show with 380 images of cannabis. only 3 are going to be made. et yours at the link below, here's to another year on hive.

Air drop(s) changes

Now to continue the general Idea of giving back to Hive & my followers / Readers ill begin posting to both HIVE & Publish OX.

Publish OX being about 20 min to an hour later ill re post both to twitter.

Both will now have an airdrop so you miss Hive try my Publish OX later that day.


This will all start with the normal Hive post with airdrop & shortly after publish Ox has the same post with a second airdrop check twitter for a quick reference.


One of 2 daily WAX NFT airdrops, containing 6 NFTs posted first to Hive then shortly after a second one goes on my daily post to Publish OX.

You can find updates here

Please this is more important then ever to let others know in the comments, & thanks for participating enjoy lucky readers.

May take a min to respond but this is still active if you want t try it out


Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily
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