Markets dump off...

So i take a rip to numb the pain of the bear swipe. The bears claw stings our accounts, but i have been asking for the pain in a way. I have felt that something fishy was in the air for a long time. Things have been good, but too good. Some large caps have technically been bearish for a few months. Teetering on supports and maybe its been in the cards that things had to come down. Although i think Hive deserves a good sized market crap especially with some garbage coins having a cap of 2 Billion or more.


Chillin with Jasper this morning. Its going to be warm today in Chicagoland. I work like an animal anyways, so i wont be enjoying too much. For the moment im awake. Doing the daily routine. Looking forward to cheap prices, let us all come down from space.


Its a moment on the couch.


And as most assets bleed across the spectrum all i can do is watch.





  • Hive and SPS getting smashed but Hive bouncing at about $0.60 cents isnt too bad, all things considered.

  • I wouldnt mind cheap prices for a while. Might be our golden opportunity to chill at low prices and accumulate.

  • How long will the bears paws swipe though. Days, weeks, months, next couple years?

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