A Rip, a Roast, and a Toast to a 420 on Hive


So its been a quarter of the way into 2022, and a 420 holiday is upon us. I didnt waste a moment, as i prepared my vape for a rip. I cant remember the flavor, whether its an indica, sativa, or hybrid i dont know. All I know is that it does the trick and i trust its authenticity. Blowing it out like some kind of dragon, as i am only a part way through the night here, and I am just a cartoon character in the film of life. A short boat ride journey, through time and space.


I came back to make a coffee and to carry on with my duties.


It was just 1 solid puff. I cant rip like i used too. Had all sorts of contraptions and creations in my day. Ive learned to moderate, and taking small breaks in between feels quite rewarding, but to each is their own.

Otherwise just trying to do some battles to complete my daily mission in Splinterlands. Do some missions in Rising Star as usual. Collect the daily rewards on whatever coins.

Markets still little rocky as the overall situation still feels the same to me. Lot of global tension. Inflation. Many things going on, but Hive still sideways mostly. Here below is the Daily Candle chart on tradingview and a few basic indicators.


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2 columns
1 column