Cannabis Maple Candy (Cannabis Edible Recipe)

Maple syrup bottle in the snow. Photo by Yodyoyo
Bottle of maple syrup sitting in the snow

For some of us maple candy is a childhood treat, for others its "what the hell is maple candy?". It's a hard candy, sometimes a taffy, that is made from melting then cooling maple syrup, but with a bit more to it than that. The author uses decarbed cannabis but in theory you could just add the raw cannabis and allow the cooking to decarb it, but thats IF you are doing it long enough. Some people may slow cook their candy (this probably gives at least a slight texture or consistency difference), if thats the case, then you may be able to use raw cannabis. Similar to when you slow cook your butter. OR, if you have a potent strain and dont want to get such a strong high from your candy, use raw cannabis, it will decarb while you add it to your melting maple syrup. It wont activate the thc as much as it would if you decarb it beforehand but I've done this before and it still gave a nice buzz. I still prefer decarbing beforehand when using flower directly in a recipe (its almost if now always more efficient when done properly) unless its brownies or cookies and I dont have butter/oil and just have flower on hand. The classic weed straight into the brownie mix still works great, but grind that grass up with a coffee grinder first. Personally I think that was a better way to go for a noob as a teenager than trying a heavy properly decarbed cookie that would have made me need to sit down. And yes, I know dosages could also have helped but we also didn't know shit about decarbing when I was a kid.

What's your favorite way to decarb your weed? Do you like adding flower directly into any of your recipes? I still like add a bit of good tasting ground up flower to tea. Not really enough to get high but to add that piney weedy flavor. Cannabis honey also works great for tea.

Ingredients List :

  • 2 cups Maple Syrup
  • 4 grams decarbed Cannabis (they use a CBD dominate strain and I do not know if recommended decarb times/temps are the same for CDB as it is for THC)

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Photo by Yodyoyo

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