Cannabis Cafe is now on Twitter hashtagging HIVE and HIVEBLOGSHARE @CannabisCafeHBD

Cannabis Twitter

This is not a regular introduction post. @cannabiscafe has been on Hive since before it forked from Steem.

Cannabis Cafe has finally created a Twitter account!

Proof of Sharing (POSH) is what sold it. It's not that Twitter is worse or better than other popular social media outlets, but it is another account to work on. RSS and IFTTT will cut most of the time down.

Cannabis Cafe's Twitter account @ CannabisCafeHBD will be liking quality posts that use the hastags #Hive #HiveBlogShare #WeedCashNetwork and/or #CannabisEdibles

We will be retweeting quality posts that use the #WeedCashNetwork, #CannabisEdibles and/or posts that use the hashtags #Hive #HiveBlogShare and are about cannabis, medical psycodelics, and sometimes health or #NaturalMedicine

Are there other Twitter hashtags we should keep an eye out for when likging and retweeting?

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