A Call To Grow!

What's up fellow Weed Nerds! I would say it has been a while, but we are here every day. Posting on the other hand has been lacking. We are very happy seeing more growing content being published here on Weedcash. We still have lots of work, but it will come. Just get out there and tell everyone you know that there is a place to post and not worry about being censored. There is a place to post, and it will be up on the internet for eternity. There is a place you can post where you can make crypto currency, but not just one. Especially for us cannabis content creators. Not only do we have Weedcash, we have NaturalMedicine, Neoxian, EdenBUxx,and many more! We have been promoting on Instagram, Reddit, and here lately on Twitter. We encourage everyone else to do the same, if you are able.


Ok enough of the boring shit

Time to roll out another grow challenge. This one is going to be more practical then the previous one's. Mainly this challenge is a call to get more people to grow themselves. It will be open indefinitely. The challenge is to see who can grow the most in a 5 Us gallon container, or 18.9271 liters. Now it does not have to be exact, but at least a +/-1 gallon, or 3.78541 liters. For promotional purposes it will be called "The 5 Gallon Challenge!"


  • Can be started anytime
  • Can be a current grow, but only if your plant is still in veg stage, or first week of flower
  • Make at least 1 post a week here on Weedcash
  • Use the tag canna-curate
  • Bonus: post to other social media platforms with a link to your Weedcash post
  • Final product to be weighed must be trimmed sinsemilla* Final product to be weighed must be trimmed sinsemilla


On your mark, get set, GO!!

There will be no losers in this challenge. Since growing your own is winning. Those who participate in this challenge will receive weekly rewards in the form of crypto, up votes, re-blogs, shout outs, and whatever else may come to mind. There will be a scoreboard. So whoever finishes first will get the top spot, then it will be up to you to knock that person off the pedestal. Unfortunately going by weight is the only thing we can really keep track of since this is all online. Until we can get virtual scratch and sniff, this is how we will judge it.

With that said, for whoever makes it to the top spot of the 5 gallon scoreboard will receive 1000 Weedcash. Good luck, and I hope to see many join in on the fun! If anybody would like to sponsor this contest in any way, that would be very much appreciated, and also might help the efforts to get more content creators here on Weedcash.



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