NFTs Are Now Live!


NFT's are now live on the new Weedcash front end!

This is just the begging of somthing huge! Just imagine Leafly style strain reviews that we can mint into NFT's. The posssibilties are endless. Pscyadellic art, stoner art, Nug porn, or whatever you can imagine.

To do list:

  • Fixing the cloudfare setup so www does not have to be added to be directed to the new front end.
  • Setting up Liquity pool incentives.


Other improvments added is a direct link on the Hamburger Menu to the Weedcash Store. Pick up a shirt, or stickers with the Weedcash logo, and spark up a conversation about the Hive Blockchain. Or need a pipe? Yes the WC store has that too, and the best part is you can use multible tokens to purchase items! The portion of the procedes will be used for marketing. It really is a win win.

Slowly, but surely things are coming togther. With all the upgrades, we hope to tell the BlockChain community, we are in it for the long haul, and will remain commited to pushing the cannabis community to new heights. But we all must remain commited. Wheter it is publishing content, interaction, or promotion outside of Weedcash, it is a team effort. After all there is no I in Weed.

Stay tuned for more updates...



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