RE: Today I opened a hive blog account please help me (follow) ping community's 🙏 reply shere please

Hi there
I just saw you posted your first blog on our great platform Hive. I would edit it with the edit button
I know for sure all hivers want to get to know you and all you stand for. Its a great way to share all your thoughts. So maybe edit this blog and tell us., or do an intro blog. This might be to less and dont get you the votes you deserve . Just my two cents and advice. Have a great day and blog on..... Maybe take a look at @heyhaveyamet and see some examples and have fun!

Let me know if you need help. Or join Ecency for an app to blog on your mobile here is a link to the discord
And watch this helpfull vlog

Or this information blog @ryzeonline/hives-most-effective-but-controversial-marketing-video-so-far

Discord the terminal

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