Outdoor Grow part 2

Hello growing enthusiasts! Let me start out by saying this post wouldn't happen today without the gratitude of my friend @derangedvisions ! I really appreciate it! As you all may know I am quite new to hive so it takes a long time for my resource credits to build back up and he delegated me some power!
Today I went to the outdoor grow at my friends house to water a bit since they are demanding more maintenance with their size. As soon as I got there I could hear my buddies ducks going crazy in their coop. My buddy works crazy hours and he left around 4:30am so I took it upon myself to let them out. Watching them waddle out of the coop heading to the bass pond was hilarious!

They all looked grateful to be out and oh how they love the pond! OK on to the ladies.

I filled up two five gallon buckets with water and headed way out back. But first I put on my hoodie as the deer flies were outrageous and was out for blood today! I'm glad it wasn't that sunny out while doing my watering because it can be a task doing them all in the heat with heavy clothes on.

As I get there I can see they are doing quite well for not really visiting them that often! There is about 14 girls we did here but not all are picture worthy. There are many blueberry bushes here too so during the beginning of summer I usually stop for a handful of berries. So good!

I noticed the grasshopper problem we had has diminished significantly and didn't see many of them today. Most of these out here are Northern Lights clones from my indoor grow. Not bad for clones!

I am very happy with how the Norther Lights are doing outside. Depending on how they bud I may just keep doing these for my outdoor crop!

This one is a Blue Monster. It was very bushy and I was surprised that it almost doubled in size since the last time I was here!
After watering all these girls I had to move on to the ones around the swamp. I'm not keen on growing around swamps but we didn't have room to put them elsewhere.

Can you spot them in this picture?? There is actually seven here!

Here is a close up of four of them! These girls needed some TLC for sure! There was many dead and dying leaves I had to pull off and then I gave them all a drink!
Now on to the ones I am very proud of. The fenced in area behind the bass pond!

These ladies needed some minor care. My buddy has been keeping up on these ones so not much needed to be done except taking some dead and dying leaves of them and they definitely needed a drink.

I feel like I'm in a jungle of cannabis!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the post. Until next time.....Peace!

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