Indoor Harvest Northern Lights

Hello growing enthusiasts! I hope you're having an awesome day! This post was supposed to be posted a few days ago but it's been real busy around here and I been trying to create the time to do these posts so I don't fall too far behind on everything. So on with the show...

Time to harvest these two amazing plants that were the mamma's for most of the outdoor we have this year.

There was a heat problem this time because I usually take out the T-5's but didn't do that this time and may have paid for it in production. I did get some foxtails but overall they turned out pretty good! Slowly but surely..... Plant one pretty much done... Well that's a wrap on this indoor grow and I will post the total weight from the two plants when they are dried and cured. I'm hoping for a good turnout! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my grow! Have an amazing day!

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