Day 50 of Budding Indoors

Hello growing enthusiasts! Today is actually day 51 but these pictures were taken last night of my two Northern Lights plants. Yes at night. I've been having temperature issues in my grow room so I've been trying to combat that with everything I could physically do.
So I noticed a couple weeks ago when we've had very hot temperatures outside that my grow room has been very hot, up in the low 90's. Those of you that know, know high temperatures during the budding stage is not ideal for primo harvests.

I started out by trying to reduce the temps by buying a portable air conditioner (pictured above) and putting it in the back of my room and using 6" exhaust tubing to link both of my 600w HPS's together and run the exhaust fan the whole 12 hours of the light cycle.
That didn't really do much so my next step was to change the light cycle to come on during the night so I changed the hours from 8am-8pm to come on at 7pm-7am. That brought the temp down a little but not to where I would like it. The morning after doing this I usually wake up around 6am and start coffee for my wife and I. After about ten minutes from starting the coffee I was wondering why it's taking so long so I go to the kitchen and notice the coffee pot was off. Hmmm, that's strange. I tried to restart it and noticed there was no power coming from the outlet. So I go downstairs where my fuse box is and notice my lights are out in my growroom! In a panic I rush to the fuse box and restart the breaker that was tripped. My lights come back on. Whew! I go back upstairs and restart my coffee and as soon as the hotplate kicked on it shut off again! Noooooooo!! Now I knew that my coffee pot was on the same breaker as my lights. Fk!!! I restart the tripped breaker and move the coffee pot across the kitchen to an outlet that was on a different line. I knew I had to deal with this situation after I got out of work. When I get home I had to again switch the lights to come on a different time than when I would be using that outlet. So now I switch my lights to come on at 5:30pm-5:30am. So far I've had no more problems with the breaker but my temp in the room didn't really move much. It is now at a constant temp of 88 degrees.

I feel I'm gonna have to spend the money for some good LED's and get rid of the HPS's. That isn't any time soon though as I'm really strapped for cash at the moment.
I am now seeing the results of the high temps in the room by seeing foxtails growing from the buds and cooking of my leaves. Foxtails are spires that grow from the bud and depending on the strain it could be good or bad.

This is probably the worst one so far. 👆
Unfortunately mine are not the good kind. They can start appearing by extreme heat and/or too much light exposure. Being that my temps are very high and my lights are as far away as I can put them I believe it's definitely the heat. This can ruin a crop if not dealt with by decreasing terpenes, potency and even production by making the buds become airy and not able to tighten up.

Picture of the room from the back. ☝️
Close up of a couple buds. 👇

So for now I will do what I can do and try to fix the problem with LED's in the future. Thank you for stopping by and for reading my story. Wish me luck and I hope you all have an amazing day!


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