420 Book, San Diego reader, WEEDCASH LOCAL FREE MAGAZINE ADS! + lets reach out to wax telos and get on ptokens for ethereum, need to like get ads in local weed magazines like SAN DIEGO READER and all those FREE magazines+pay instagram influencers WEED

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bro weedcash is the best hive community just too small
like seriousl;y this is the only hive fronte nd that matters
we should really reach out to wax telos and get on ptokens for ethereum and allocate weed to just pay all sorts of neew users, need to like get ads in local weed mgazines like SAN DIEGO READER and all those FREE magazines

that job can be done in liek 1 weekend and we could pay soemoen leik $100 in weedcash to et that done, and then pay some hive from selling weedcash to buy the local ads etc


haha free ads? we can get an ad for free but for business its $5
@Rich(WeedCash) LOOk how cheap this is, lets do one Free Newspaper ad for all teh cities


only $5 ? lets buy an ad in these local free magazines for every city .... and put ads in local DISPENSARIES by bringing them FREE MAGAZINES FOR WEEDCASH

WEEDCASH NEEDS A MAGAZINE that shows POSST and at the FRONT of EVERY PAGE a BIG PRICE TAG showing HOW MUCH CRYPTO or USD or WEED tokens they made, with PRICE of weedcash oprinted on the front page etc

a PHYSICAL WEEDCASH MAGAZINE for dispensaries - THATS ALL WE NEED! physical flyers and magazines printed distributed, to dispensaries and smoke shops. BUT FIRST we do ADS in ALL the local magazines! And we HAVE TO PAY INSTAGRAM cannabis influencers to MOVE to weedcash and to UPLOAD VIDEOS to weedcash through DAPPLR or @ecency which has video! https://dapplr.in PAY THEM IN $WEED tokens on erc20 once we get weedcash on https://ptokens.io @weedcash contact THOMAS BERTANI on https://t.me/pnetworkdefi

AND we should get WEEDCASH on @telosnetwork AND Ethereum via Ptokens AND WAX https://wax.atomichub.io already has some weedcash nfts but they should be created directly from hive posts and we should automate that process with a bot controlle dby weedcash stake holders etc


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