As I continue my journey to become a global mega star, a little voice inside my head... my EGO, yelled at me. EGO made me feel that I possess the required skills for stardom and I have a lot of fans to support me in every performance that I will make.


I do not have the motivation to attend my singing lesson, because I think I don't need it, as my EGO influenced me. On the next day, my voice coach called me and asked why I did not attend the lesson. I answered that , "I have a lot of gigs to prepare." She replied, "That's why I am here, to help you practice for your upcoming gigs and watch your future concerts. Don't get too full of yourself." Those words struck me and realized that I let my ego dominate me.


What I learned about Ego:

Ego cannot be remove and it will always be part of being human. Don't let EGO control your life. What I can do is to manage and check it from time to time. If I cannot manage it, my career will not prosper and my relationship to my fans and other people will be affected. I realized that I need to improve my skills to harness my full potential. In that way, I can create good music and that music will become a household name and be remembered for the years to come. I have achieved turning my EGO to ZERO and I know I can do it again, by enhancing my skills needed to become a Global Mega Star.


Thank you and have fun playing Rising Star.

Rising Star

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