Rising Star NFT giveaway day 12.

Another raffle and there are already 12, I hope they are helping you in your musical career towards fame.

Today another wonderful instrument for your band to sound like los angeles the i26 Rickencrapper.

I am still at level 69 progressing adequately without pause towards the mythical level 75. I think that tomorrow I will entertain myself by doing some special mission.

By the way for the giveaways I use filoz.info in case someone was wondering.

The card of the day is:

i26 Rickencrapper
Supply : 3500
Issued : 3174

The winner of the draw @luizeba But I did not comply with the rules of the draw
Second winner @imfarhad Congratulations!

Rules of participation in the draw:

Follow me, to be attentive to all the draws
Vote this post
Leave a comment with your name Rising Star
The giveaway is active until the next publication.

Others awards:

I will vote 100% on the first comment
I'll give some Luv to the second comment
I will distribute some pizza to the third comment.

Participants in previous draws:
@tokutaro22 @subidu @zenitsu12 @oxidil @mimismartypants @dubble @jfang003 @mario02 @mpoukovo @maurojd @alejoca @lacandela @new.things @trentonlundy1 @emd012 @saimaali @imfarhad @ninjamike @spiritverve @luizeba @master.splinter @astrocat-3663 @lofone @dlmmqb @amaillo @harlowjourney

If you don't want me to tag you, make a comment and I'll delete you.

If someone still does not play this fun NTF music game and wants to use my link https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=yeckingo1

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