Rising Star NFT giveaway day 10.

Autumn is passing and the music continues to sound more and more melancholic, smiling but in beautiful symmetry.

Let's leave the verses for the poets today I draw a classic that does not need a presentation Buster, the magic saxophone.

Going through level 68 a couple of days after reaching ecstasy, or rather level 69.

The card of the day is:

13 Buster
Supply : 9999999
Issued : 18481

The winner of the draw @new.things

Rules of participation in the draw:

Follow me, to be attentive to all the draws
Vote this post
Leave a comment with your name Rising Star
The giveaway is active until the next publication.

Others awards:

I will vote 100% on the first comment
I'll give some Luv to the second comment
I will distribute some pizza to the third comment.

Participants in previous draws:
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If someone still does not play this fun NTF music game and wants to use my link https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=yeckingo1

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