Happy New Year!

🏮🍜🐇 Happy Year of the Rabbit! 🐇🍜🏮

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The Chinese, or Lunar, New Year occurs on the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice, which to me makes much more sense than Dec 31st. I mean, one can look at the sky and figure out when Lunar New Year is, but the sky tells you nothing about when December 31 is. So, because the first 3 weeks of January were kind of crap, I have decided that my 2023 starts today. Also, I like the foods for this 15 days long New Year party much better ;)

Goals for this year? Same as before: be more present and active online, level up in Rising Star and other games, cook and eat good food, read good books, somehow get to where I don't need to spend my other crypto to feed my Hive wallet, and maybe I'll fix my bicycle this year... Avoid toxic people in my offline life - I'm making a good start on that, at least! Just three more weeks and good riddance!

To celebrate the Lunar New Year I thought I'd buy some StarPro and get going with the Promote Fan Club missions, since I'd heard that they're a nice way to get more fans. But after converting 75k Starbits into 0.3 StarPro, I learned that the minimum deposit is 1. So here I am, with StarPro I can't use until I have plenty more. But wait, I have some Starbits in the game, what if I withdraw those and swap them too? Nope, it will not be enough :(

I still wanted to give myself some kind of nice start on the Year of the Rabbit, so I withdrew 100k and bought 12 packs of cards, hoping for fans and drums. I did get some fans, 385 to be exact, but not a single drum! Unless i123 Glockenspiel counts as a drum? People bang on it with sticks, so who knows?

Some other instruments turned up in duplicates though, and I have heard there's a trading section on the RisingStar discord, so I guess I should try to figure out how that works. (I'm used to trading WAX NFTs on AtomicHub - click the ones you want to offer and the ones you want in return, send the trade, wait for the other person to accept, refuse, or counteroffer. I wish there was something so easy to use on Hive!)

All in all, I consider being able to buy 12 packs a good start on the year. The Year of the Rabbit is supposed to symbolize prosperity among other things, and what is prosperity but another word for abundance, having more than you need, which is exactly what all those non-drum instrument cards are too me! 😹

@bradleyarrow Thanks for your patience and telling me to just get on with it. I did manage to write a post at last! Now I will keep to my goal of at least one post a week. That's a promise to you, everybody else, and most importantly, myself. And anybody better watch out if they try to get in my way again. 👊

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