Bonuses are always with those who build! 9000 STARBITS per day. Level 109. Another 12 packs.

Hey Stars!

I keep building on Hive and Rising Stars. I show up here every day and do it even harder than before. It can be a very long distance with a lot of obstacles. But that's what attracts me to this challenge to myself. And as a bonus, I'm now getting the knowledge and experience of swimming in cryptocurrencies!

Today is my next post with thoughts, prices, and achievements about Rising Star. And yes, I'm unpacking 12 new packs again. Let's get started!




STARBITS is back to its price of a month ago. I'll take that as a good sign. It means that seller pressure is easing, probably many people like me decided to hold STARBITS, buy packs or exchange it for STARPRO. Although STARPRO doesn't feel any pressure from the sellers, but more about that below.

STARPRO is up another 13% in about this week. So the combustion mechanism is really working as it should. I also purchase STARPRO to do Promote Fan Club missions to get more unique cards.

Opening 12 Packs

In the video above, you can see for yourself what I got this time. This time I got more fans than in my previous unpacking. But I'm still waiting for my first legendary card! Place your bets on when I'll get it? 😜

This time from the packs I got:

Fans: + 1620
Luck: + 358
Skill: + 1296
IM: + 28

Account statistics

During that time, I reached level 109 and completed 5,020 missions. I have 19,685 regular fans, which gives me a nice STARBITS boost with each mission. My progress through the game is accelerating from week to week!

Below is the game window with all the current stats ⬇️

Right now I'm getting about 9,000 STARBITs every day by completing missions. My progress on rewards is about 500 STARBITs in two weeks. You can see my previous posts here:⬇️

Keep going! 8500 STARBITS per day. Level 106. Another 12 packs.

Hold on tight! 8000 STARBITS per day. Level 101. Another 12 packs.

The secret of this is very simple. The more fans you have, the more reward you get for each mission!

I'm also tracking my progress on the Rising Star leaderboard. I still can't get out of the top 500 and am currently in 546th place. I lost 20 positions again, it looks like getting into the top 100 won't be as easy as I thought it would be a couple of months ago... I need to figure something out!


We lost some active players again in that week. By my count, 200 people. We now have 5,200 active players. That's the only indicator that saddens me at the moment. I expect every week that we will stop the decline and then start getting active players back again.

As hard as it is right now, we need to keep building. Even stronger and faster than before. The bear market takes away the hope, strength and faith of many, but you can't let it do that to you too! Just keep going, regardless of the prices. Rising Star is not time-consuming, just like before. But it can bring a great bonus to those who are building here now!

We Are Rising! We Are Stars! We Are Alive!

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