Busking my way up the ladder

So I managed to step up a few levels so far nothing mentionable happened, ah yeah I accidently clicked on a wrong mission and ended up on covershoot. Since I am a photographer (if you would check out my pictures on hive I would be glad) I am very familiar with everything what happens on such an occasion. Did not know though that I am going to get something for it. I earned 1000PIXEL
If anyone knows what I can use it for please reach out!



The photographer on the shoot was not too talented though or he had just a bad day but I dont know because some user sent me a beer on my other post so I got drunk and then there was some drugs involved as well and some groupies! Living the rockstar live is hard and I am exhausted so here is the outcome of the covershoot: bildschirmfoto_2021_02_20_um_19.16.38.png

The groupie I took home can be fouund in this post: groupiegirl

Thanks for your attention keep on busking!