Journey Progress #20

⭐Hello My Friends⭐

I arrived on the penultimate mission in the Local Gig Circut zone: Local Mini Tour Support. Using 100% energy and 300 minutes (5 long hours), I'm finally completing the release phase. Obviously lacking a “little” detail: The next mission needs level 75! 😮

I loved this image❤️

So far I've done the mission 3 times, I believe it takes 5 to unlock the next one (Band Auditions), which will give me the chance to unlock a band member slot. I'm really looking forward to closing this phase. With the help of boosters, it is already guaranteed to do it 2 more times.

⭐The Challenge⭐

The INSANE level 75!!!

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Oh man, how long will it take? Anxiety to a thousand!

I really want to close this phase of my career, but now I have to take it easy and think of a better strategy to reach this level as quickly as possible and still maintain a good income!

My current level is 55 as you can see below, it will be a long walk! But I'm very focused and happy to have made it this far!

I love challenges! And this is going to be one that will give me a lot of fuel to keep going! 20 levels, 20 steps! LETS GO!

⭐Next Goal⭐

First of all, do the 2 missions I still need: Local Mini Tour Support, after that I'll set up my strategy to take advantage of this moment.

Afterwards, I will not only do skill missions, they are the best cost-benefit in the matter of increasing XP, but I suppose it will be more profitable to switch between missions, something like focusing 1 whole day on skill and another day on Starbits, or doing for example 2 of skill and 2 of starbits per day.

Why is that? Am I in a hurry to climb 20 levels? I believe that for the next zones they will need more fans than I already have, so I already think about it and set up this alternate strategy, as I realize it is one of the best times to raise starbits, so I can buy packs or focus on a specific card and key for the moment.

I'm going to move on and thank you so much for the opportunities and moments I'm having in my life! 👊

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