Journey Progress #19, long live the boosters!

⭐Hello My Friends⭐

The strategy I mentioned of doing only skill quests worked really well and with that I was able to gain a lot of XP. The use of the boosters I mentioned had a great help in getting more quests.

I loved this image❤️

I was able to do a lot of missions as I was luckier with pizzas, coffee cups and the boosters I bought.

I started with 793 XP points and got 1535 XP (on saturday yesterday), totaling 2328 XP, very close to reaching level 55. The tactic of doing only skill missions helped a lot. Practically a 100% energy bar gives me 3 skill missions (120 experience), totaling 360 XP.

⭐The Boosters⭐

My friends, there is so much good in life that we don't pay attention, that when we find out, we think, "How come I didn't invest in this before?"

The boosters are AMAZING!
They help a lot to carry out the missions. I don't know if it's the best strategy to do, but at the beginning of your career, instead of just focusing on buying packs, maybe after buying a 2 or 3, it's great to invest in these cards! They save the homeland, enabling you to do many missions a day.

Below is the screenshot of the boosters I have. As I had mentioned the Pizza Box I already had (I really wanted to remember where I got it), but I believe it was in a draw held by the community, I wanted to thank the person who carried out the draw and gave me the opportunity to receive it.

Cold Pizza Slice > I bought it for 10k starbits, it gives you a pizza refill every 24 hours.

Pizza Box > I got it from a community giveaway, it gives you the possibility to store a piece of pizza you find in the missions to be able to use later.

Risky Whiskey > Increases chance of encountering drunk fans after doing missions.

Risky Whiskey in fact does not do this, but it stores your drunk fans like the Coffee Cup and Pizza Box stores those items for later use.

Edit: Thanks @cryptogamerz for giving me the correct information! Thank you very much!

Coffe Cup > I bought it for 5k starbits, it gives you the possibility to keep a cup of coffee you find in the missions to be able to use later.

I recommend buying Cold Pizza Slice or Pizza Box (costing 7500 Starbits) first, I believe that in third place comes the Coffe Cup and lastly (or not) Risky Whiskey.

⭐Next Goal⭐

Get to level 55 to start doing the Local Mini Tour Support mission, after that the focus will be full on doing this mission.

For now I'm not thinking about buying packs. I want to release the next mission and after it, I believe I will change my strategy again.
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