October 12 Rising Star Game Pack Opening & Giveaway

Last week I had a RisingStar Game contest and am giving away two Drew cards. There were a total of 12 entries in the comments on that post. Let's see who won!




Congrats again to @luizeba on your back-to-back win! I'll be sure to send your card to the correct account this time!

Congratulations to @amaillo for winning the second Drew card in this giveaway!

New Pack Opening

I've been opening up my 12 pack purchase in chunks of three over the past few weeks. Let's take a look at today's pack opening results!

Pack 1:


This my second Shine card and I really like the fan and skill boost I get from this one. These new cards have proved essential for continuing to advance through the game whenever I hit a roadblock of not enough fans or too high of an ego percentage.

I don't have many vehicles and this Mid Range Tour Bus is a new one for me!

Pack 2:


This is my first Barney and just like the Shine card, I really like the 100 fan and 150 skill boost that this card brings to my deck.

Pack 3:


This pack is full of instruments! This is my first RS16 and Drum Machine and Cheap Mic V3 too!

It looks like due to some glitching in my browser when I was opening these packs that two additional packs opened up but I didn't see the visual output. As can be seen in the Block Explorer, I also got the following cards:

R89 Mouse
44 Daphne
i8 Mid Range Mic

R99 Flame Guitar
42 Brodie
38 Stacey


New Giveaway!

This time, I'm going to give away two more cards to two different commenters to this post. I will pick the winners randomly just like last time and this contest will close when the post pays out 7 days from now, on October 19th.

Each winner will receive a 38 Stacey musician card:


New OneUp Token & Content Curation

If you haven't heard the news, Rising Star is now a curator for the new OneUp token! OneUp is a token for crypto gaming content so make sure you are including the #OneUp tag in all your Rising Star posts to get those extra tokens! For more info about this new project, check out @flauwy's post here: https://www.1up.zone/@flauwy/1up-a-new-hive-outpost-for-playtoearn-blockchain-games-and-nft-assets

As a reminder, I'm a @RisingStarGame noob and found out about it through the @Hive.Pizza project where there are many Rising Star players. We're always look for more crypto gaming enthusiasts to interact with, so feel free to checkout our Discord.

Good luck everyone!

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