Rising Star - New Cards, Reward Pool Increase, Pack Winners, Change To Print Limits


New Cards

As part of our monthly new cards release we added 16 to the card pack pool today including a new legendary of the awesome @gribbles and an epic @musicuniversity card called "Ashby":

L12 Gribbles.png

E18 Ashby.png

Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations to this week's Rising Star prize draw winners: @irisworld & @atnep111. Your 3 card packs are now ready to open. Good luck!

To enter next week's draw simply write a good quality post about Rising Star and include the #risingstar tag.

You may enter up to once a day and the prize draw is done live during Radio Evolved every Sunday.

Reward Pool Increase

Every week we use a formula to decide if we are able to increase the pool or not. This week the pool increased to 36 SWAP.HIVE.

The pool will grow in a sustainable way and the more players you can bring to the game the bigger the pool will become so spread the word and why not get some friends to sign up and help them create their Hive account!

Change To Print Limits

After reviewing the number of gold composer cards that have been issued we decided to reduce the print limit to 500 on all cards except Mozart.

Screenshot 20210201 at 16.50.51.png

Cheers and rock on \m/
Jux and the team.

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