Rising Star Music Promoter Is Live! - Details & Video Tutorial


We have always had a vision of making Rising Star a complete music industry simulation that does not just include musicians carrying out missions but also other facets of the industry such as: promotion, management, production, touring, record deals, etc.

Introducing Music Promotion

We are excited to reveal the next stage in this plan - Music Promotion!

You may have noticed that we created a new token, STARPRO, with a fixed supply on Hive Engine.

This token will work differently than STARBITS as it will be produced with a fixed supply each day and distributed based on player's participation in the new Music Promotion feature.

How Music Promotion Works & Tokenomics

There is a full video tutorial below.

  • Players bid on the various missions in the game that are eligible for promotion with STARBITS.
  • As players complete missions whoever has the highest bid at that time receives 1 share in the daily pool.
  • Throughout the day players compete for their share of the pool.
  • At midnight UK time the stats are finalised ready for payout the next day.
  • If the total STARBITS spent by players for promoting missions (excluding "risingstargame") is less than 100,000 then the pool is reduced to the percentage that has been spent (this stops individual players being over-compensated on days when there are not a lot of others promoting).
  • The maximum daily payout is 100 STARPRO and is paid out on the following day.

Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 11.51.16.png

Let's break the screen down to explain how this will work.

Live Mission Log

Shows real time data on missions carried out by players and who received the "Promoter Point" for each eligible mission.

Your Pool

Transfer STARBITS from you in-game balance to the Promoter Pool to bid on missions. STARBITS transferred to the pool CANNOT BE RETURNED to your balance.

Your Reward Share Today

Shows the percentage of the payout you currently have. This value can increase and decrease throughout the day as you compete with other promoters.

Your Current Payout

The current number of STARPRO you will receive. Again this value can increase and decrease throughout the day.

Total STARBITS spent today by all players

The cumulative total of all STARBITS paid by promoters for the current day.

Current Pool Payout

Percentage of the 100 STARPRO maximum pool payout that will currently be sent. This is based on the percentage of STARBITS out of 100,000 that have been spent by promoters.

  • When you place a bid on a mission you will outbid the current promoter by 1 STARBITS.
  • If your pool gets to 0 then your bid will automatically be removed and the next lowest bidder will start to accumulate the Promoter Points.

Use Cases For STARPRO

We will be introducing exclusive NFTs and features in the game that are only available with STARPRO. The first is already live - "RU1 Paula".

RU1 Paula.png

RU1 cards can be purchased from us for 25 STARPRO and you will need to pay 1 STARPRO every time you use one. They will instantly finish a standard 5 minute mission (not a Crafting Fair mission, a new card will be released shortly for this).

Video Tutorial

We hope you will enjoy this new addition to the game and we look forward to your feedback in the comments below or our Discord server.

Cheers and rock on \m/

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