Rising Star - BETA Release Date & Important Information


As announced during Radio Evolved on Sunday, Rising Star will move from the Alpha development phase to Beta Testing on 1st November.

During the next month we will be analysing and adjusting settings within the game so that we are in a position to hopefully not require any more changes to the core game mechanics once we move to Beta. Obviously that is the "best case" scenario but there may be unforeseen issues. That's what "beta testing" is for.

Some Immediate Changes

Our goal is first and foremost for Rising Star to be a fun and sustainable game that will be around in years to come for people to enjoy.
The great thing about crypto gaming is that you can also make money while playing games BUT we are not an investment scheme so you shouldn't expect some astronomical ROI (Return On Investment) by playing.

We Got It Wrong

The game grew faster than we ever could have imagined and one thing that happened as a result of this was that the drop rate for legendary cards was way too high. This has encouraged many players to just run 5 minute missions all day long and flood the market with STARBITS.
Obviously this is not sustainable and something needs to be done about it.

So we are introducing some changes with immediate effect and as always we are happy to discuss these in the Discord and tweak as necessary.

Card Drop Rate Change

We have reduced the drop rate for legendary and epic cards and are monitoring this in real time. The rates will be adjusted until we hit a desired level.

Mission Ego

When you reach 1000 fans you will gain ego for every mission. The amount of ego is related to your total fans but is the same for every mission regardless of length.
This introduces another level of strategy to the game and is in fitting with the way that too many fans inflate your ego. As always you can do music lessons to reduce your ego, buy cards with more skill than luck or put cards with more fans than skill on the market to create a balance.

We appreciate that this may be controversial to some but without this the game will not last. There are already accounts making over 100,000 STARBITS a day just doing Illegal Busking all day long.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

We know that this will probably initiate some heated conversation but let's have a civil and productive debate in Discord as we have always done.

Closing Thoughts

Finally we would like to thank everyone who has been helping us test through this alpha phase and all the fantastic suggestions you have made, many of which have been implemented in the game. Let's spend these last few weeks making sure we have a robust and enjoyable game that can stand the test of time!


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