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What are Raves in Rising Star?

Raves is a game mode that allows you to compete against three other teams to make your chosen rave colour win.

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The winning rave colour gets 75% of the reward pool shared amongst the players in that rave. The remaining 25% is shared equally between the other three raves.

Raves start at a completely random time so that everyone has a chance to get in early regardless of your timezone. There are advantages to joining a rave early but not always! (more on that later).

A rave event can last anywhere from 24 hours up to 4 days which makes it fun trying to decide when to join!

How to Join a Rave

In order to participate you will need at least one "FA" card.

FA1 Supportive Friend.png

FA2 Casual Fan.png

FA3 Super Fan.png

FA4 Mega Fan.png

FA cards can be minted by doing the "Record Signing" mission under "Special Missions".

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or you can purchase FA cards from other players on the market.

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To send your FA cards to a rave hover over the colour icon of the rave you want to send them too and use one of the buttons under each card to send those cards to the rave.

Once you have sent at least one FA card to a rave colour you will only be able to send other cards to that rave colour until the rave ends.

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Police Raid Cards & Hoax Calls

RV1 Police Raid.png

RV2 Hoax Call.png

The "RV1 Police Raid" cards are used to arrest a certain percentage of ravers from a rave. These can be used strategically to thwart your opponents. You may, for example, want to watch and wait to see if one rave is becoming the most popular and then make those calls to the police!

The "RV2 Hoax Call" cards can be used to make a hoax call which cancels out an "RV1" card.

At the end of the day Buskeria Police have limited resources so they have to decide where to send the fuzz based on how many calls they think are genuine!

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The number of fans in each rave is then reduced by the percentage of police left in each rave.

So in the image above you can see that there were six RV1 cards sent to the rave and three hoax calls were made which reduced that actual police raid to three. And the percentage in brackets shows you that this rave has 42% of the police raids compared to the other three.
The fan count for this rave is then reduced by 42%.

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The RV1 & RV2 cards can only be purchased from the market either from our official risingstargame2 account or other players.


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As well as receiving a share of the reward pool the three top VIPs in the winning rave receive 1 SWAP.HIVE regardless of the length of the rave.

To be a VIP you simply need to be one of the top three holders of the "Backstage Pass" card in the winning rave.

Backstage Pass.png

When the Raves End

When a rave event ends the SWAP.HIVE rewards are calculated and sent out.

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The winning rave gets 75% of the reward pool and the other three raves get the remaining 25% split equally.

Each player gets rewarded based on their total fans from all their cards as a percentage of all fans from all cards sent to that rave.

The minimum reward is 0.001 SWAP.HIVE so even if you only send one FA1 card you will still get rewarded.

However there is also a bonus for cards that were sent earlier in the rave and a reduction for those sent later ("Adjusted Fans").

The way this works is that the first 1% of cards sent to a rave get a 99% bonus (i.e. the fans on those cards increase by 99%). The next 1% get a 98% bonus down to the fiftieth 1% that get no bonus. Then the fifty first 1% get a 1% reduction all the way down to the last 1% that get a 99% reduction.

One interesting thing that can happen is that people who are in the losing rave can end up getting a larger reward for the same amount of fans than those in the winning rave IF the losing rave in question does not have many players in it (as you can see in the example above comparing "atomcollector" and "skunk-smoker".

So you might decide to watch for a day or two and see which rave is looking quiet and then send all your fans there. What to do? WHAT TO DO?

Fans Can Only Be In One Place

If you hover over the "Total Fans" icon on the mission page you will see that the fans from any cards you have sent to a rave will be deducted and are therefore not eligible to be counted when issuing the rewards for missions until the rave has ended.

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 10.09.13.png

Makes sense right? They can't be in two places at the same time!

Have a Safe Trip!

We hope you enjoy attending our raves and don't end up in the slammer too often!

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