Paula Reduces Her Fees - Now Proportional To Your Mission Earnings


Paula has been struggling a bit to get her runner business back up and running after being in lockdown for so long so she has decided to change her fees!

She will now charge you between 0.01 and 1 STARPRO per mission.

The calculation is based on how much you make from a 5 minute mission.

For those of you who like the maths here is how she calculates your fee:

  • Your maximum STARBITS for Illegal Busking divided by 2
  • Converted to HIVE at 0.00025 HIVE per 1 STARBITS
  • Converted to STARPRO at 1 STARPRO = 1 HIVE

She really hopes that some of the smaller players will now be able to afford her services and she looks forward to welcoming you.

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